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easily injured

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my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer 10-06 she had her surgery right after diagnosis then her chemo which ended 5-07. Since then she seems to be more accident prone and what normally would be a minor incident really effects her. She has bumped her head and left a huge lump where as anyone else probably would of maybe left a red mark? in addition she takes longer to heal. Could this be a result of having cancer or from the chemo? my mom tells me not to worry about it, that she is fine but I can't help being concerned. any advice?

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Chemo prevents healing. It will take longer for anything to get better. I had an infection because of a removal of a HAI pump; therefore, it had to heal from the inside out. It took 6 months. Normal circumstances it would have taken 6-8 weeks. Chemo is nasty and destroys all your good stuff. Hope this helps.


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It probably is from the chemo, but is she on any medications or taking alot of vitamins, especially like Vit E? It sounds as if she may have a problem with her blood clotting rather than just slow healing. She should make sure she gets her blood checked, especially for the liver function as that manufactures alot of the material needed for clotting. I am presuming they are monitering her blood counts, including the platelet count, as well as the CEA. By the way, how old is she?


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she just turned 62 and the only meds are for high blood pressure she recently lost all her health care due to "lay off" fancy word for your too sick to work ( a whole other can of worms) so she is not getting the treatment she deserves she just had a mammogram that showed some opaqueness in each breast so we're waiting to hear back with that...her CEA started at 2.7 then 0.7 after surgery and is currently at 2.6 she is stage 4

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Have her run it by her onc. Could be nothing. But, having met the beast TWICE (I am just greedy, I know..lol), I recommend erring on the safe side. If she has trouble with payment to 'see' a doc, talk to the American Cancer Society...she is one of the fold now, and may be able to get a price reduction or even a fee waiver.

Better safe than sorry, I always say....I was told, when my second PET did not light up my breast lump like the first, that it had been a 'false positive' the first time. I pushed, and it fooled everyone...stage IIB breast cancer...already out in the nodes...

Your mom has already fought and beat the beast...she needs to take good care of her body from now on...

Hugs, Kathi

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