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On the 3-Year Plan!

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I was diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer via a screening colonoscopy and had a resection March 06. The follow-up colonoscopy Oct. 06 was clear. At that point I was told I would be on the 1-year colonoscopy plan (as I call it) for a couple of years, then two years, then three years max. Today was my one-year follow-up colonoscopy. There were no signs of polyps or recurrent cancer! This time the GI doc said I was now on the 3-year plan. By the way, I used some fantastic flushable wipes (Natural Choice Dispersiblz) for the prep - no raw rear, for a change. If this is a little disjointed, it's because I'm still feeling a little woozy.

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who can complain about a rawless rear.
CONGRATS on the good news. keep up the good work.

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Lucky you!!! My gastro wants to 'see' me every year...sigh...could be the breast cancer following the rectal...but then again, maybe I should tell her the "colon bone is definately NOT connected to the breast bone"..lol!!

Congrats....I personally HATE that particular test...

Hugs, Kathi

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Many congratulations on being CA-free!

Did you get any chemo after your surgery? It seems that adjuvant chemo is never given for stage 1 colorectal cancer. One of my great uncles that had it only received surgery as well. Maybe i should bring that up as a new topic! lol! Anyway, i wouldn't let more than two years pass between colonoscopies. It took two years for my stage 1 to become a stage 3. I didn't think the colonoscopy was that big of a deal. It was the prep the day before that killed me!

Congrats again!

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I agree with Krista. I would recommend talking to your doctor about doing the followup colonoscopy in two years. Three years is the standard when someone has been found to have an adenomatous (precancerous) polyp but you have had cancer so should be watched a little closer. I am interested in what those "wipes" are. I will be getting my first colonoscopy since surgery in the spring and since I now have a colostomy will not get a sore bottom (but emptying the pouch constantly may be a pain).


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