mucus blockage after gastrictomy

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I've had about3/4 of my stomach removed I had a y-en-doux surgery in March 2007. The first 5 months went well although I lost about 20 lbs.About 1.5 months ago I experienced feelings of fullnes after eating only about half of what I've been normally eating. I've had to throw up to relieve the pressure. The content has a lot of mucus which I feel may be contributing to the blockage. I've just had a Pet scan which showed some cancer cell in the duodenum.I will be undergoing radiation in 2 weeks time.
Any suggestions to relieve the mucus blockage would be appreciated.?


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    I can't be of a great deal of help. On the radiation part, my appetite went south at the end of the treatments. I am taking additional radiation to kill tumors in my spine and the same thing is happening. During this period I just went through all the foods that I liked and at the end was left with mexican food and ice cream. This new round of raditation has been different. Nothing except onion soup has retained its taste and I can't just eat that. Good luck with your radiation