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Disappointing scan

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Little history:
Dx Stage 4 Sept 2006, surgery..chemo, pulmonary embolism...liver resection in Feb 2007... clean scan in June...48 year old father of 2...

Hello all,
Just got back from Stanford. Mixed news... There are 2 spots on my right lung. They are concerned it is cancer but the spots are too small to biopsy or even remove surgically. They are too small to use a PET scan on as well. They want to wait 3 months and take another look at them with a CT and PET scan. Hopefully, they will be gone but if they have grown then it is back to chemo and /or surgery. It's like a more serious game of "whack a mole".. So I'll wait chemo free but worrying.... I asked about chemo right now but they felt, they don't know what it is and want to wait to see if it grows further... I worry about more spots showing up and then not being able to have surgery..

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Interesting..I was dx stage IV April 2005 I'm on my third recurrence and this last time (Sept) they don't know where the cancer is hiding. My onc was going by my CEA numbers and also me complaining of severe back pain. Is there anywhere you can go for a 2nd opionion to see if they would also recommend waiting? Lots of luck.

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be hopeful for what you wish for - you may just get it. focus on what you see your body doing with those spots. kicking thier butt? blowing them up? eating them like a pacman? or just encapsulating them so they can no longer be free to spread amoung your healthy body. see yoursel healthy.

Looking forward to your NED dance. soon to be announced.

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Do they think that the spots could be residuals from the pulmonary embolism or are they in a different area? Any change in your CEA? Keep thinking positively and as Limey says, think of yourself as clear.


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I have several small pulmonary nodules on my lungs that first showed up a few years ago, but with each follow-up scan I seem to have a few more and they are all benign. I'm having a PET/CT if a few weeks to check out whether they are still stable. I've had pretty good luck, so keep thinking posive thoughts.....

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Aw, dearheart, I am sending my best vibes. I know the wait can be heck...but you don't want more chemo if it isn't the beast....

I have 3 'spots' on my liver that were first found on the CT scan 3 years ago December. Every scan since shows them, but at least so far no one thinks they are anything...

Let vigilance be your guide, but also try to not let the thoughts consume you...find something to smile about...everyday...

Hugs, kathi

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impactzone -

I've got spots. Lots of spots. I've got so many spots they call me Spot. A lot of my spots they have found are scar tissue in my lungs, but I also have spots on my kidneys. They are not cancer. I remember when I found out about them and they said they needed some time to "let them grow"... yeah, there's some comfort, eh?

They didn't grow. Not cancer.

Hopefully the same-same for your spots.

- SB

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I hate you are having to wait and worry. I agree with Sponger....maybe they are just "spots!" I have several on my lungs that are always refered to by the radiologist as metastasis, but have been stable for about three years.

Keep us posted .



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I have the same thing going on with my lungs. Too small to do anything about.


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Sorry for the worrisome scans. Try to enjoy the chemo break.


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I hate to hear the news, stay positive and I too have to agree with SB, maybe they are just spots!

And I love the humor in the "Whack a Mole" comment, lol.



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Like I just told some one a little while ago....LET"S FIGHT IT ! Its personal now !!!
We are NOT giving up

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Hi -

I am sorry for your "news", but it may really mean nothing. Still, I know how bad the waiting is.

Here's a question and then I will tell you my story. Did the same radiologist that read previous CT's read this one too? I'm not talking just the same facility, but the same doctor?

I ask because I had an experience with reported "lung nodules" that have apparently turned out to be nothing. (I am also Stage IV, by the way.) I had 5 CT scans, first one from one radiologist, remaining 4 from another. No mention of any lung nodules, spots, things etc. Then I was evaluated for a clinical trial at NIH, in March and April 2006. March CT clear - no mention of anything in lungs. April CT - mentioned "numerous tiny nodules in lungs" - no further info - pretty terse, and poor in my opinion radiology report. I freaked. I got an interventional radiologist at NIH to review everything (including all my previous scans from the two other facilities). He saw those same "spots" on my inital CT scan, but his professional opinion was that they meant nothing. Still, he said the rule of thumb is "two years with no change and we know they mean nothing." Well, it's been more than 2 years (yeah for me), but meanwhile back at the ranch, my regular radiologist (who is a pretty personable guy for a radiologist) has the optinion that the one NIH radiologist who mentioned them was just looking for things to say and should have never said a thing. Now my regular radiologist (same doc every time) comments each time, saying no change and besides there is no reason to believe these spots represent anything having to do with cancer.

OK. long-winded, but don't discount this as a possibility. Check it out. And good luck - I know you feel punched in the gut, but there is a good chance this doesn't mean anything.

Take care,

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