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Coming home tomorrow!

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My husband will be coming home tomorrow! I missed the surgeon by only a few minutes this am but he told my husband that he got the "report" back and it was "excellent"! I assume that means the pathology report, (my hubby didn't ask . lol men!!) but anything "excellent" is music to my ears.

I also hope that this post encourages ALL of you. There isn't a day that goes by that you all aren't in my prayers . I am very mindful of our blessings. I know there are many who have not had the same options we have had ..as yet. I also know that the journey is more difficult for some than others, but that we all need encouragement, comfort , hope and faith to continue on . Keep the faith. God Bless


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Great news, Diane!

- SB

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Home....what a grand word!

Thanks for the update!

Hugs, Kathi

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Excellent!!!!! I'm so happy for you both! Persistence has paid off. God Bless!


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Great news! By the way, how much of the liver was resected? Monica

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I don't have a percentage as yet. I don't believe it was major since the operation took less than 3 hours, and it was a multiple wedge resection, but we go back next week to surgeon, so I'm sure we will have more answers. God Bless ( and I hope you are doing great!)

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That's great news. He will recover at home alot better too. I would recommend that you, and anyone who has any procedure, request copies of the reports. Some of the wording may be difficult to understand for people not used to it but most reports have a Conclusion at the bottom (or final diagnosis) and there is always someone who can help interpret those things.


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Great news, Diane. I don't know you but have read your posts.


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I am so happy for both of you. That empty place, in your home, will now be filled with your warm and caring hubby.

Best of luck to both of you

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Awsome news!



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Hi Diane,

I am so happy for you. Go home and enjoy life with your husband. Thank you for all your prayers. God is Good all the time.
Prayers to you, Robin

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