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Calm down!!

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Hi All,
It is hard to stay calm when you have been through what we all have. I had bright red blood in my stool this morning. Really scared me. I am right in the middle of chemo. Did anyone experience this during chemo. Some might say hemorroids but I dont think I have any, the original colonscopy showed none. Anyway, I am probably overeacting. I so want to dance that dance that KathiM talks about. I will dance soon.
God Bless All, Robin

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Hi Robin, my dad use to get blood in his stool when he was on chemo. Especially when he was on the pill form. The drs told him not to worry. Its best to get it checked out. Mindy

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Hi Robin,

You need to call your nurses. It may be nothing but you need to know for sure! I didn't have this so can't help you there.

Let us know what happens.
Hang in there! (I know that phrase gets old, doesn't it!)

Thinking of you!

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I had bright red blood in my stools while on chemo (Folfox). I would let your onc know. My onc wasn't concern unless it continued and never stopped but it would when I was off the chemo.


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Hi Robin,

It is always disconcerting when something like that happens. However, the good thing is that you have had a fairly recent colonoscopy so it is unlikely to be anything serious. It is possible for hemorrhoids to pop up at anytime, especially with changes in the bowels (diarrhea/constipation etx). But be sure to talk to your oncologist about it.


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Robin, best to get it checked out to be sure and have your mind put at ease. Keep us posted. God Bless

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You WILL dance the dance....soon!

Yes, I passed blood for quite awhile into my chemo...only thing my onc said was to make sure to eat stuff high in iron (I, delicate flower that I am, am borderline anemic always).

Check with your onc, of course!

Hugs, Kathi

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It happened to me a couple of time during chemo, but Drs. were not concern, I do have hemorroids,and this last time it happened 2 days before my colonoscopy,which was 100% clear, so that confirmmed me that in my case is due to the hemorroids,but let me tell you that everytime that it happened it ruined my day,or my week...Now is diferent because it happened days before all my tests were done and everythng was O.K., so tell your Dr. but try not to worry too much.

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