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that time again....last Wed. was my CT. I ask the guy to tell me what he first he said " I didn't look " I called him liar...then he said..well as you know you have alwasy had that thing in your kidney..I told him...wrong patient....ooppss...well, I askes the nurse to call me as soon as she knew...She called me Friday and said that she didn't have the transcript yet...asked me If I wanted to change my appt. for Monday instead of Tuesday...I said..sure...Asked her if I should bring my husband...she asked me " Have u benn feeling bad ? dahhhh YES ! we are going tomorrow at 11:30 am....I did try to stay positive..but I am NOT ready for a 2 recurance....Like someone said the other day....We always thing..will thsi be the last time ? sorry for your news.....I don't want to think that everything is "written"..cause...why do we pray or have faith ? Sorry for the negative thought today...I am just warmed up tonite...its been a tough week...
Love u all...


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    We all are scared of the unknown, you are not alone. Yes we need to have faith and pray to beat this beast. No need to be sorry for the negative thought we understand. Hoping ct is negative and all will be well.
    Be well
    Never,ever give up!!
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    FIRST DON'T APOLOGIZE! I was looking for you as I had CT last Wed too. Am praying, for be good news. Come back as soon as you can and I hope you'll feel the power of everyone's prayers going up for you tomorrow. Take Care
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    I will be thinking the most positive thoughts for you tonight and tomorrow. Stay strong.
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    I am putting my arms around you right now.
    Dear, sweet child, things will be ok.
    We are here to support you. Any way we can.

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Just having had that experience with some tests "iffy" but then PET ok I know the feeling. It is very hard to think positively when you get scary sounding news. But we are praying that you will get good news and it is just one of the heart-stopping false conclusions we all tend to make before we get the actual report. Hang in there. We will be thinking positive thoughts at 11:30 Monday (for you and Changing).

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    Hey, Alta -

    DOn't you just hate it when people try to "help" you with information. JUST OUT WITH IT, DAMN IT!

    I'm sure they are trying to be helpful, but we all tend to try and read things into what people say to us.

    Maybe it's good news? Maybe they wonder if you're feeling better? Now here I go..

    ANyway, you know that worrying about it won't help and can only hurt. Know that you have dozens of people here thinking good positive thoughts for you, alta. We are all behind you (except Kathi M - she's on a bar dancing somewhere, but she's there in spirit!)

    Sending you positive vibes and good karma...

    - SB
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    Alta,today is Monday and 7:30 A.M. I will stop anything I will be doing in 4 hours to say a prayer for you and I know that everyone in this board that read your post will be praying as well. Tomorrow I will need your prayers too as I'm going to have a biopsy of my breast and results in a week,Oh! this is so hard.
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    By the time you read this you'll know the results. Hoping all is well.