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Newly diagnosed

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Hi everyone. I am 5 days post total thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid cancer. My right recurrent laryngeal nerve was damaged during surgery. Now I can hardly speak and I am having lots of trouble swallowing. Has anyone else been through this? I'm wondering if this is ever going to improve.

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Hi, Sorry to here about your outcome!I have pappilary thyroid cancer as well and had a total thyroidectomy and then some. My surgeons were not thyroid cancer specialists and were over aggressive during surgery and it left me unable to speak above a whisper for several months. When I was able to see a specialist in the field he was to say the least very upset with my original Drs. It took close to a yr to fully recover and be able to speak normally. I know what you are going through, it is very frustrating when you can't make yourself heard esecially during an argument! My wife liked giving me a hard time like asking me to yell for the kids,HA HA ...I have been fighting this cancer for 8yrs and would be happy to talk or help if I can.
If you would like you can e-mail me at mdolphin13@alltel.net
I'm not always on this site so if you have any questions or would just like to talk I will get it faster through my e-mail.
P.S. as far as the swallowing thing goes I still somtimes choke on liquids and have trouble swollowing pills. Hope to here from you, Butch

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hey i saw your message and was hoping you could give me some encouragement. i had my thyroid removed on 3/17/08..surgery was fine but my voice isnt strong and when i am active im short of breath. im praying with time this too will be fixed..how did you do after surgery? thanks

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Hi! I am somewhat newly diagnosed as well and am looking at having either a hemi or complete thyroidectomy in two weeks. They can't determine if my nods are cancerous until removed. I have 5 nods around 1 cm each. I'm trying to make the best decision on whether to have a half or the whole thing removed. Sounds like a painful recovery? I already have throat symptoms...breathing, coughing, lack of energy. I hope surgery will make things better. Any advice?

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When I had a near total thyroidectomy 20 years ago, I had problems with my voice for about 6 months. After that, though, it came back just fine. Good luck to you!

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