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Life is Good!

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Last year at about this time I was wondering how we would EVER get through the next year. My husband and I had a hard time even dragging ourself out of bed to face the day. We put on happy faces for our kids so they couldn't see how scared we were. Radiation, chemo and two surgeries later, here we are. A year has past. My husband still has some issues resulting from what he has been through, but we won't dwell on those.

As I am reading these posts today, I am getting all emotional. For one, I just read Hopefulone post and I remember how long she has waited for this surgery. (What good News!) I am also reading posts from newbies and it brings back such memories. There is so much hope out there and so much of it comes from this site.

My husband has been done with his treatments and surgeries for several months now. He just got a new job this week that he is so excited about. Our kids keep us busy with their school activities and our oldest is looking into colleges for next year. I am so grateful for our life and I look forward to our future together!

Pleases Newbies, Never give up hope!! This is just a bump in the road! You will see better days.

My prayers go out to all of you!


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Faith, you are so right, life is good. I, too, look back over the past months (not a year yet) and see how far I've come and how much strength and courage God has given me to go on. It hasn't been easy but I'm so thankful for how far I've come.

Not sure how all will turn out for me, don't much care. I know that whatever I have ahead God will provide the strength and courage I'll need.

Thanks for sharing your blessings and encouragement with us.


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The title said it best...LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!

There is so much each day to be thankful for. This place provides so much HOPE for newbies like myself.

I will never, ever give up hope!



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Life is Good!!
AMEN to that!!
Sounds like lots of new life and hope in your lives after a tough year. Enjoy!!
Rob; in Vancouver

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Life is so easy
Life is so good
All good things come to me.

This is what I say to myself everyday. I'm a newbie to the board. Thanks for sharing your good news. It gives me hope.


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I remember some of your early posts. You were so frightened. But, you also had the fighting spirit. And the courage to beat this stuff.

Attitude is a large part...

"Some people stand and watch their lives go by, others dance on bars'....

....may you always remain a dancer!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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