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Naked dancing in the park....

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So, today being Saturday, I decided to do some dancing. I took stock of all the things I can dance about....

My mom is home, has a 24 hour nurse, and is back to being my mom (for 3 days she didn't know who I was, who she was, where she was...). Of course, the apple not falling far, she is a VERY optomistic lady....sees herself walking unassisted very soon....YEA!!!

My beau is satblizing. Not all better, but at least not declining. There are some tough choices coming...but, not today!!!

We have booked tickets to Holland for Christmas. And staying over till mid-January. I have never been there then....MAYBE ice skating!!!(Better ramp up my calcium...old lady bones...lol!).

My big client that is hiring someone is VERY concerned that I will bail...lol....wants to continue the relationship....just not as much time....as a result, I have started learning Web database publishing....I can do that wherever in the world I happen to be....(Door closed, window opening....).

My sister had good news.

My daughter is 2 classes shy of an AS degree. She is developmentally disabled, so this is something we never thought could happen....

I remain NED on both cancers, and actually have my pre-cancer flat belly back!!!! I am participating in 2 fashion shows soon....one for breast cancer survivors, one just to show the new line of Liz Claiborne for Gottchalks....




Hugs, kathi

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Didn't George Michael get arrested for naked dancing in the park? Oh... no... that was something else in the park. Enjoy your dance and don't get busted by The Man!

- SB

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And, of course, not to forget all of my family here....thank the powers that be for you all!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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i have been to holland when i was 13-(military brat) and its a fab country. see the mini city in the capital--the older kids that were supoose to "watch" the youger ones took us to the red district-- very instersting-- but not my thing-- i am danceing with you -- i am also glad for your mom and sis and daughter.

lisa r

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I'm glad everything is going better for you. I've never been to Holland but sounds like fun.
Keep thinking positive thoughts and dance.


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Hey Kathi!

It is so good to read your words. Just makes me happy all over!!


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Good on you for a happy day and a beautiful life!!!Say hello to Holland for me. I have never been there. It's a wonderful life!

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I'm so glad to hear that you are walking on the sunny side of the street. Is Holland in the winter anything like Fairbanks AK in winter? We lived there for 3 years and believe me you will not be dancing naked outdoors. I'm glad you are going, and if it is just you and H., then you will have some quality time together after all of the distractions at home.
Jo Ann

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YEA!! There is so much to dance about!! So many good things in our lives......Sounds like your life is looking pretty great! I've never been to Holland (okay, never been to a lot of places!) but it sounds like a trip to look forward to.

Keep on dancing...


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I have been reading your posts since June and you are my inspiration. I am going to develop somehow the attitude you have. I love your posts they always make me feel good and dance. I am so glad you are still dancing. Your friend, Robin

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