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happy thoughts

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sometimes i feel as i post only bad things -- so i wanted to post some happy stuff

1- my neice said my name before anyones elese-- it was a compitition between me and her other aunt--- i won
2- my nephew won all his soccor games
3- my brother, uncle,dad and hubby are going to shave for me when i loose more of my hair
4- my inlaws are thowing a benefit for me and are busting the butts for me.
i could not ask for better in laws-- i to;d my hubby that if we ever split up -- i get visitation :)
5-my house is clean enough :):)
6- thanks to all the stories and encougement from this site-- i know that i can beat this
7- an old high buddy sent me a t-shirt that has a big cancer cell on it -- its very unhappy - with " i am killing cancer" printed on it
8-and finally ,the sun is shinning, today

lisa r

t- shits are at www.cafepress.com

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9-1,327......you are here and breathing and able to expeience the day....


Hugs, Kathi

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We need to be reminded to count our blessings......thanks for doing that! It's not what happens to us in this life, but how we react to what happens to us in this life. It is all about attitude, and you've got the right one! Have a great weekend!


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