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Anxious again

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Hi everyone, just wanted to share my anxiety again,I have been celebrating ned for few month now, my last pet/ct at the end of august showed no cancer and my cea was .05,colonoscopy clear as well,yesterday I went for a follow up mammogram,because 6 month ago I had one and showed something in my right breast that looked like calcifications or something that is why they wanted to do one in 6 month to compare. Well apparently they want to do a neddle biopsy to rule out if is something bad because on the one 6 months ago it showed only one little dot and now is showing 3. I ask her if having now these two new ones if it could be still benign. The radiologist told me that for her experience she could tell me that it looks 80% bening,and that she could send me home and order another one in 6 months,but she wanted to be 100% sure, because of my colon cancer history ,so I will have the procedure done next Tuesday,and the waiting will be one week. I am so sad again,I didn't tell my daughter because she will worry too much, and hopefully is nothing but keeping the secret and pretend that everything is fine is not easy,I will go to see her today she lives like 45 minutes from me and I will put on my happy hat,I hope she will not notice anything Please send me all the prayers you can and all your positive thoughts,I am not feeling strong at all to start another battle.

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i too have things in my breasts. for me there are just cists. i am sending you all the positive thoughts and prayers i can muster.

and i know you will find the strength to fight if you need too.

happy thoughts and prayers lisa r

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You WILL fight, if you must...I did...remember, my breast cancer was diagnosed 6 months after my bowel surgery that made me NED....

I will share something that was said to me by my 5th second opinion (I REALLY did NOT want chemo again!!!):

You have fought and found victory against the beast once, why would you throw all of that away by not fighting as hard as your can again?

1.5 years later, I am NED on BOTH cancers...and my flat belly (I always had...went away with the colon cancer) has returned....much to dance for!!!

Hugs for keeping vigilant and finding it early, if it is anything at all. Over 80% of all lumps are just lumps....not cancer....

This, too, shall pass...I am sending big, warm, healthy hugs and vibes to you....PLEASE keep us posted!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Amiga -

Te espero solmente buenas noticias por su prueba y buen salud para siempre!

- Esponja

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Awww, I'm sorry you have to go through this worry!!! I am thinking positive thoughts!!! It sounds like your radiologist is being very cautious which is great, so try to let go of some of the worry. I will send prayers and positive thoughts your way.

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Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way!
God bless-

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