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hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
I am so happy and so relieved and so GRATEFUL to God . Surgery went very very well for my husband. What was supposed to take 6-8 hrs, was 2 -1/2! and the surgeon said that he believes he got all the liver mets! 5 spots showed up on mri/ct most of you know.Now after surgery, only 2 he believes were actually really mets. One was something he was born with and not of big concern and the two other spots, he could find nothing to remove! He did not have to go to ICU. He is very sore however and still having some issues, but if things stay moving in the right direction, he'll be home next week. I want to tell you new fighters , to never give up hope. To research and pursue all options vigorously no matter what you are told at the start of your journey. As many of you know we were told inoperable for the last 8 mos. I don't know what the future holds. No one does, but I know right now I am more hopeful than ever! God Bless you all . You are all in my prayers.



  • vman1300
    vman1300 Member Posts: 80
    Now that is what I am talking about right there!

    God is still on the throne and HE is able. Most excellent news. So happy for you two!

    Prayers will continue for you both!


  • Monicaemilia
    Monicaemilia Member Posts: 455
    There's nothing like waking up from surgery to wonderful news. I am so happy and relieved for both of you. He'll be home before you know it. Monica
  • 3cbrca
    3cbrca Member Posts: 206
    Great news !!I wonder how many people hear "inoperable" and don't go any further. Great jog hanging in there - that way he can be with us when the next miracle happens.
    Kind thoughts
  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028


    Interesting, we are probably one of the few groups of people that get excited when we are told it IS operable...LOL

    Hugs to both you AND hubby!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • vinny3
    vinny3 Member Posts: 928
    That is GREAT NEWS! You don't know how inspiring that is to all. It pays to be persistant. Here's to a speedy recovery.

  • valeriec
    valeriec Member Posts: 348
    This is amazing news. God is good. Sending prayers for a swift recovery.
    God bless-
  • jerseysue
    jerseysue Member Posts: 624
    That is great news!
  • betina61
    betina61 Member Posts: 642
    Wonderful news Diane,and great job from you too that never gave up,these are the results.
  • rmap59
    rmap59 Member Posts: 266
    I am sooo happy for you all. God can do anything! Thats why I will never give up. Prayers for more good times ahead.
    Your friend, Robin
  • claud1951
    claud1951 Member Posts: 424

    What good news to hear! I am so happy for both of you.

    My best to you both
  • fedester
    fedester Member Posts: 753
    God is good always.
    Be well
    Never,ever give up!!
  • spongebob
    spongebob Member Posts: 2,565
    AWESOME NEWS! Thanks for sharing!

    - SB
  • barbc
    barbc Member Posts: 12
    Wow, that is fabulous news! For a newbie like me, a story like yours gives me chills (in a good way, of course). You and your husband and family will continue to be in my prayers for a speedy recovery and continued good news!

  • Faith4Cure
    Faith4Cure Member Posts: 405
    WOW!!!!!That is wonderful!!I am so happy for you both. God is Great!!!You are an inspiration to all here. Give yourself a pat on the back for being such a good caregiver. You never gave up hope, and look where you are now. My prayers are with your husband for a smooth recovery and my happy thoughts are with you too!! Celebrate!!!!
  • robinvan
    robinvan Member Posts: 1,012
    Great news Diane!!
    Hope the recovery stage goes well too!
    Peace and Blessings... Rob; in Van
  • jams67
    jams67 Member Posts: 925
    I've been out of town with on an elderly mother mission and just returned to see your good news. This is beyond wonderful! In a few weeks he will be feeling so much better and this will all seem like a bad dream(more like a nightmare).
    I'm so happy for you both.
    Jo Ann