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PET results.

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Yuck! One lesion outside rectal wall and 2 on liver. Going to see surgeon next week. Onc questions if surgery can be done on the lesion close to the "dome", as it may be too close to the diaphram. Plan is to do 4 rounds of 5-FU, Campstar & Avastin, then possible surgery. Any one loss their hair with that treatment....yea, I freeze as it is...I need as much covering as possible:)

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Hi changing,
I am on5-FU, Camptosar and have been for 8 rounds. Camptosar is known to make hair "thin" and mine is REALLY thin. Actually, just cut my hair and it's only about 1/4 inch long. Kind of sticks up on top and you can see some almost bald places BUT I've also heard of people that it doesn't affect that way.

Yes..talk about cold! It's getting cold now, here in Indiana, and I was wearing a sock hat all day in the house!!

I do have some thrush on the tongue and my finger get tingly but don't know if that is from Camptsar or 5Fu..Other than that and of course, tired, I have done much better (with side effects) than what I was on (oxyplantin & xeloda).

I only have one more treatment to do (6 mos) and I'm done! yea!!!

Hoping the best for you. You'll be in my thoughts.


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Sorry to hear your news. I have had 2 sessions with captosar and my hair is thinning. I've been told that if it is going to fall out it will happen withing the next month or so.

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I didn't lose hair and it did thin but just a bit for me. It's already back. I'm sure you do fine and lots of luck to you.

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Well, that sucks! We'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best after treatment. My hair thinned on top from the 5-fu, but only for about the first few treatments then stopped. Since I am 63, it did not look all that abnormal as many older ladies naturally lose hair on top. I will take that over it all falling out any day. Anytime I felt bad about it, I would just think about how worse it could be. Good luck to you.

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I'm sorry for the continuation of the fight for you....sigh....

I never lost my hair during the colon cancer fight, although it thinned, that is what made me so mad when I then found out I had breast cancer...I KNEW it was coming off...

I got some wonderful knit caps, and a sassy hat or two, and some scarves....worked for me.

Hugs, Kathi

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good luck with your treatment-- i am on the 5 fu and my hair is THINNING. i will probably be gone soon. so i say bring on the hats. there are in fashion now anyways , right!

praying for you lisa r

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Thaanks for all your replies! You're a great group....and that alone is comforting:)

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