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Life after cancer

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Hello, I would like to talk to any and all cancer survivors, or those going through treatment. I had a two year battle followed by massive depression. I am different now and I want to live life to it's fullest. I want to talk to others who feel the same way.

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Hi Rick, I am so sorry you are feeling such depression. May I ask what kind of cancer you have or had? Some cancers have better survival rates than others? Since you said you "battled" it for two years, I am assuming that you are either "cured" on in remission, is that correct? I am a caregiver, but I would be glad to talk to you on this message board, as would many other survivors and those who are now in treatment. Maybe a few more details would help others decide where to start, as far as responding to you. You are NOT alone, and you WILL find many good people ready and willing to help you, on these boards.

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I am still fighting cancer. But feeling upbeat. How can I help you to feel better? Teresa

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I am sorry that you are having depression. I have had it come and go during the time I have been through this (roughly 5 1/2 years). It is mostly due to being cooped up inside. I do however get out in the summer time. I also keep pretty busy with community and church work. I am a survivor of Esophageal Cancer and I do not fall into the "normal" catagory. I workout every day and have set huge health goals and have accomplished almost every one of them mostly by setting little goals and working up to the actual goal. Over time I have been able to lift over 1,000 lbs and pull over 5,000+ lbs and more.

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5 1/2 years is great.Congratulations. My husband used to work out before all the complications he had with the surgery. How long did it take for you to get strong enough? did you have an esophagectomy? Are you able to work?

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I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer,over 2 years ago, September 2014. Never smoked, a beer or two a year, none in family, no heartburn, came as a shock! Have had the Ivor Lewis operation after I was diagnosed with 'no cancer' on March 16th, 2016. Been 'hell' for over 2 years! 28 Radiations, 3 1/2 months Chemo, Unable to eat using P-Tube, Refused operation ever by surgeon because of a tiny spot under my armpit, more chemo, Endoscope showed no cancer, still unable to eat or drink even sip water, could not dilate, placed stent in esophagus, stent dropped down causing caughing up blood, Helicoptor to hospital 75 miles away for $45, removed stent, tried stent again bu doctor just tried dilating with no results, operation to remove esophagus, still not able to eat/drink, speech therapy, finally can eat...Whew! I have a link here to my webpage, of the updates from my FB page, for the 2 years plus.  Many people asked me to do this for their friends so relatives that have cancer can read about my experiences! Optimistic of my 'success'! My motto: 'Cancer is not a Death Sentence...It is a will to Live!' I have always remained optimistic and treated my condition with humor! Live just one day at a time! Am know back to playing Softball and new at Bowling Ten Pins as I grew up with Candlepins in Massachusetts. The webpage is long! Contains my updates to my people on FB. Also contains pics, facts about cancer and anecdotes of my thoughts during this terrible time. Just glance through it and let me know what you think? Cheers! Jim Tansey, 75 years old, living in Arizona!


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