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Tommorrow is Surgery

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Well, the time has finally come and my husband is scheduled for liver resection tomorrow. Not going to lie, I'm a nervous wreck, but we believe this is his best option. Please keep him in your prayers . I know it's going to be a long week and hope to post some good news on the weekend. I'm hoping the hospital will let me stay there as it's about an hour away from us. My daughter will be there during the day and take care of the "dog from hell" (lol )at nite. God Bless and thanks for the prayers and support. Couldn't have gotten to this point if I hadn't heard of the many success stories here. Thanks everyone

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i will be praying for you.good luck
lisa r

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I will say a prayer now, ................ AMEN

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Sending up good prayers!

Don't ASK to stay the night...TELL them you are staying!!! (I always stay with my beau when he is hospitalized...at least the first night when he cannot speak for himself....). Ask for the Patient Relations manager at the hospital, or tell his surgeon, and let THEM call the request over...

Hugs, kathi

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Good luck, no GREAT LUCK WITH THE SURGERY, and like everyone else is telling you, you don't give the hospital the choice, you demand to stay, they are pritty good about stuff like that.. Our prayers are with your entire family, god bless....

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Keeping you and your husband in my prayers for a successful surgery.

Let us know how it goes.


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Diane, You and your husband and family will be in my prayers.

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Keeping you both in my prayers. I just know you two will be yet another success story to share with other newbies here.

- SB

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Good luck tomorrow, may God guide the surgeon's hands.
Be well
Never,ever give up!!

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The wife and I both will be praying for you two. My wife stayed every night I was in the hospital when I had the resection.



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My prayers go out to you and your husband and family. Keep the faith.
Your friend, Robin

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I'm getting to this post late, as the surgery is probably over by now. I am praying that the recovery after surgery goes smoothly and that all was successful!!! Post when you can to let us know how you are both doing!!!


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