Please help my uncle

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I been doing some searching around and i found this webpage. Im mimi, im doing this for my uncle, which is wayy more than uncle for me. He's always there for me. Anyways, he's around his 50s, and we just found out 4 days ago that he's having cancer. At first, they said that it just a simple tuma, where all we need to do is a surgery and get it remove. Without all the results, the doctor recommended to have the surgery right the next day. We didnt want to do it yet, since we know that there will be alot of side effect after the surgery. The day after that, the doctor came in again and announce that his tuma now is clearly a cancer. It has spread into his throat, his lung and liver. He said that my uncle wont make it either with or without the surgery. We discharged him since that hospital lost our trust, we decided to do research on our own. We wanted to go to another hospital for check up and i believe the appointment will be on next monday. We also wanted to take him to mexico, to the oasin and hope. It's a christian hospital, where they will do treatment not only by surgery but through medication, emotional help, etc. Anyone know about this place? the cost will be around 30000 US dollars. Please let me know. I cant give up on my uncle. He havnt get a chance to enjoy his freedom in america yet. (used to be in us army)