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Okay, I missed CP-5 because of our 25th Wedding Anniversary, but thought of everyone the entire time, okay maybe not the entire time, but the pictures looked great and seems like everyone really had a GREAT TIME, so where will CP-6 be held cause I AM READY!!!!

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How was your trip? Are you glad you went? Monica

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Joined: Sep 2006

Yes, we decided to go back where we went on our Honeymoon, the Pocono Mts. We stayed at Pocono Palace and yes the room had one of those 10' champagne glass bathtubs.

I recommend this place to anyone who wants to "fall in love" all over again.

Check out their website: www.cpresorts.com

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sounds like fun! Were the leaves turning and falling yet? I have never been in the eastern US when the leaves are at their height and would love to do a Palooza where the scenery was breathtaking. Texas is not that special in the fall.
Jo Ann

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