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Long Term Survival!!

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Hello all! It has been a long time since I have posted, and I am sorry for that. Noticed that there are plenty of new people here that could use some good news. Well.....here I am. Almost 9 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. After a year of preoperative surgery, surgery and chemotherapy, I have remained cancer free and living a wonderful, if at times trying, life. I am a full time prosecutor in western New York State and have done that job for 20 years. I also run (RunnerZ) almost every day and have watched my children grow up while surviving cancer. My life is still regular, and I have to remind myself of the daily beauty of this world, but I ususally remember that life is a miracle, and one to savor every day! When I am in the middle of my most stressful moments I remember my own vow that if I survived cancer I would relish every healthy moment of life. So you newbies, hold on to your hats and fasten your seatbelts, it is not an easy ride....but the end result is wonderful. Live Strong survivors!

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Nice to hear from ya and good to know things are going good. KEEP TRUCKING

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Thank you , Runner, for your words!

I only have one more chemo treatment to go! Yeah. and I know the beast will never come back.

So glad to hear that you are enjoying life and may it always be that way for you!

Best of Luck and keep running!


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Thanks for posting and please keep in touch. We all like to read such success stories. It means so much more than "statistics" which are out of date and pertain to a group rather than each individual.


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Always look forward to your posts. Glad you are doing well and being an upstate new yorker myself, hope you are enjoying this beautiful running weather!.
God Bless,

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Good to hear from you and great news. Live long and strong, Judy

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What an inspiration! And so good to hear from you! During my stressful moments, I remember the same thing...and go find a bar to dance on!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Runner,
Good to hear from you again.Sounds like you are enjoying your second life. Good to see. I am battling on ,gradually coming to terms with my marriage break up, at least better now than I was six mos ago. I don't post much nowdays simply because my treatment and experiences don't really relate to modern treatments. I am awaiting eagerly the 22nd of Jan to get my ten years up. Perhaps it will start a new era for me....
My best wishes to you ,your wife and your family ,Ron.

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Thanks for you post. It uplifts me because I am a newbie with stage 3 rectal and in the middle of chemotherapy. A post like yours is a welcome sight. I plan to be where you are soon. God is Good, Robin

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Thanks for the inspiring reminder!
Live Strong...
Rob; in Vancouver

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How wonderful to hear from a long term survivor. I love that you are a runner, also. I do as much as I can. The summer heat in Texas kind of messes up running for now. I did the Carlsbad 5K in April while still on chemo...took three weeks off to do it. I did real well for my age group (63). I am such a believer in exercise!

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You are always an inspiration! Good to hear you are still doing well....and running.

As the others have said, Live Strong!


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thanks for the good news. i get my first ct scan results after my first round of chemo.. wish me luck lisa

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