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how much does it cost?

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I go to Florida for the winter. Last year I flew home to Canada in February to get a CT scan. This year I will have my CT scan done before I leave. I have been reading the new recommendations for patient follow-up and would like to have CEA testing done every 3 months. Big question??? How much does it cost to get this test done in Naples Florida? An airline ticket is around $600. Flying home in February is not fun because the weather is awful and I have to drive 3 hours from the Airport in Toronto to my home.
Anyway I'm rambling, as you can see I really don't want to leave the beautiful warm Florida sun to spend a miserable week in the cold up north if I can help it.
? how much does CEA test cost?

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Hi Joyce -
Assuming you have a doctor who will order the CEA, it has to be cheaper to pay yourself than to go back to Canada.

My tests are done by LabCorp (they are all over US). They bill my insurance company $105, but the actual negotiated amount that the insurance pays and that the Lab accepts is $21.

I think you could call a local LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics, explain your situation and ask them for a price. You'd still need a doc to order the test.


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Hi Betsy: Thank you so much. My doctor is very good and she is very accommoding in my requests. She told me last year "get out of Dodge " and enjoy yourself in Florida.
Even if the Lab charges me Insurance Company rates it is way cheaper (and less stressful) than flying back to Canada.

I get "separation anxiety" when I'm away from my Oncologist. Most days I forget about "the beast" but there is always that little voice in my head that tell me "be vigilant" !!

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