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birthday sex????????

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Hiya mates and mate-ettes....that's oz for g'day friends!
Sorry to be awol the past month but rest assured we are both well, now. Firstly tho;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lisa Rose and Emily. Hope you both had wonderfull days and were treated with the love you both deserve.(I won't ask about all the personal adventures...lol!) And yes, Em...the topic heading did attract attention...he!he! We are concerned about the high number of recently dx'd friends here and pray that each of you will beat the hell out of the beast! We are trying to keep in contact with Sue(bsrules) thru a messenger and were sad to hear Sue also has a fight with the beast. Our love to her...hoping she is able to read this.
The upside of me being NED is being able to continue my life as it was.....so take note all...there can be better times ahead. The downside is that life is now so full of much activity that my time available on the internet is limited. I have been working away a lot recently and also we have had some health issues. Jen had a huge gallstone removed 2 weeks ago(the size of a walnut), along with her gall bladder. Luckily they were able to do the keyhole surgery. The gallbladder was removed also and it was found badly inflamed as well as an inflamed pancreas from pancreatitis. Both of us then came down with the flu which did not help Jen's recovery. All is well now tho and she returned to work this week.
I have read many posts and see also that the palooza was a great success.....that is inevitable knowing some of the wonderfull people who attend.
To all of you we send our love and prayers.

ps......Emily......did yah have a good night???lol!
"couldn't resist askin" he!he!

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Figures Kanga would be drawn out of MONTHS of seclusion by a subject line that involves "sex"...

(yeah, it snagged me, too, mate! Guess we're just a couple of old pervs. Although I noticed Dickwas right there, and I'm sure Rodney and Bruce are lurking on it, too!)

Good to hear from you, old man!

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yes bob,
i was lurking!!!!
be well
never,ever give up!!

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I know you must be busy but sweetie, we miss you and NEED you here.

It's great to hear from you and please give my love to Jen AND DO NOT stay away so long! I haven't seen a decent rainbow in months!!!

Hugs and sincere southern kisses, Lisa P.

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I missed birthdays??? (*(@^#*. Happpy belated bday Emily and Lisa Rose.

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great to hear from you!!
glad all is well with you andjen. sorry to hear of her surgery.
you are right there can be better days ahead for all of us.
be well
never,ever give up!!

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AW, Ross...so glad to 'hear' from you! I know about life getting in the way...my mom fell and broke her hip last Friday...sigh...will my 'visiting' hospitals ever END???

Give a hug to Jen for me, and one for you....But, please, post occasionally, that way we know you all are ok...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hey kanga!!

Nice to see you again. I hear ya about being AWOL.

You just never mind how my birthday night was........

Hello to your wonderful Jen!

peace, emily

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