Colon cancer symptoms--please help

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Hello everyone. I am curious about what symptoms you had (whether you knew at the time that they were symptoms or not). I have been told that the symptoms of colon cancer are very vague. I am having a colonoscopy on Tuesday because both my Father and my Mother's Father had colon cancer. I did not think that I had any symptoms except that I periodically have pain in the area above my navel. I am only 37 but know that cancer knows no age. I was dxed with melanoma at the age of 31. Any info you can provide is GREATLY appreciated.


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    I started having occasional constipation and some bright red blood on the paper. Since the two always seemed to go together I didn't think too much about it. If not for the family history of other cancers I probably still wouldn't know I had rectal cancer. Unfortunately colon cancer often has only minor or no symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. With your family history it is really good you are getting checked. You probably don't have any colon cancer but at least you will know for sure. If they do find something it should be in an early stage and very treatable. Good wishes for a clean scope.
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    I was diagnosed with colon cancer on 8-14-07. My symptoms were lower abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, loss of appitite, weight loss and fatigue.

    My colon was 80% blocked with 2 tumors. As of right now, I am classified as a stage 3 patient. I do have some suspecious spots on my liver found with a PET scan. I am having a MRI tomorrow morning to see if there is a size to the spots.

    I will be praying for a clean scope for you.

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    Change in bowel habits (usually loose), blood (even occasionally) in stool, low back pain. I had my tumor for quite some time...just thought it was stress....slight anemia.

    Sending good vibes that it's just IBS or something fixable!

    Please keep us posted...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    One won't necessarily show symptoms. In fact, if one doesn't have symptoms but just has it found on a routine colonoscopy it, in most cases, has a better outcome as the cancer is less advanced. I had some blood on the tissue before my rectal cancer was diagnosed. Abdominal pain, nausea, bloating are some other symptoms but are also seen in a whole host of other, noncancer, ailments. It is good that you are getting the colonoscopy now. We will pray for a clear, negative, result.

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    just want to wish you well and an all clear on the colonoscopy. Keep us posted . God Bless
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    Hi Paula. Welcome to the site.

    I had been prescribed meds for irritable bowel syndrome three years prior to being diagnosed. Guess what...they didn't help. My final symptoms (squamous cell anal cancer) were lower back pain and vaginal pressure.

    I received a prayer bracelet from my sister today. I will be using it for specific prayer intentions for you. May you receive positive (well, negative) results in your upcoming procedure.
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    Hey, Paula -

    The most common symptom of colon cancer is no symptom at all. Something I have found to be a common indicator of colon cancer in people your age (I was diagnosed at 37, I'm now a spry 44 - just turned)is a doctor saying something like "Well, you're too YOUNG to have colon cancer. It must be _____ (insert wrong Dx: irritable bowel syndrome, too much candy, an ear infection, etc.) I am so glad to know that you are getting a colonoscopy today; THAT's the right answer! If the scope is negative, push your doc for more tests - CT, etc. Listen to your inner voice; if it's telling you "Something's wrong", it probably is.

    Best wishes for a clean scope today and a simple resolution to your pain.

    - SpongeBob