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When to remove the port?

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I seem to recall seeing some discussion about this before but of course cannot remember the details. I'm curious as to how long people kept in their port after treatment was finished. My onc is talking about removing mine before Christmas (as a Christmas present!). I had surgery just before last Christmas, and 6 months of chemo which ended in June. I seem to recall that some people keep their port in for several years (?). I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, having it there - and needing to get it flushed - is a reminder of 'the beast' and I look forward to getting rid of it all. On the other hand, should I have a recurrence (another?!), it would be a pain (in many ways!) to have it put in again. I welcome your experiences and input on this.
ps I had a clear MRI early September - yea!!

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Got rid of mine 6 days after chemo ended. I HATED that thing! Cheryl

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I still require mine for treatment but I am going to have it out as soon as possible after my treatment has ended. To me, it is symbolic of the climax of what has been a truly life-changing experience.

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