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stage 1V colon cancer with mets to the liver

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anyone out there doing well with colon cancer with mets to the liver and done with chemo? If so can you tell me how your life is going without having to go to the Dr. and just waiting for your next ct scan.

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The waiting is hard, but it does get easier as time passes. The further you get from chemo the better you will feel. I remember that it took several months, almost a year to get my energy back. It has been 2 years now, and I still get more stressed just before I have a scan. A friend of mine is a psycologist, and she gave me stress management classes that have really made a difference.
Did you have a liver resection?
Remember we have to enjoy the life we have. No one else knows what the future holds either.
Jo Ann

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I am 6 years clear of stage IV with liver mets. Life is grand. I wouldn't change a thing, even the cancer experience....it forced me to LIVE and to not simply EXIST.

Best wishes that you may find smooth sailing in your future,


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I was diagnosed with same in June of last year. Did 16 rounds of chemo and am now on a break until we need to use something else as I am stable right now. When I first went off the chemo, I was a bit depressed because it seemed like I wasn't fighting anymore, but had to acccept that there is only so much a body can handle. I am almost three months from my last chemo and I feel stronger each day. I am waiting on the results of a PET scan yesterday and am not even nervous about it. I have developed a "whatever will be, will be" attitude. That isn't to say I have given up...I am ready to try another chemo if the beast starts growing and moving. I also kind of missed seeing the Dr. and all the nurses and staff on a regular basis...I will settle for the once a month port flush! Keep the faith and enjoy every day as you adjust to not having to go to the Dr. etc. My best to you.

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Not exactly - I was Stage III rectal cancer. Since my initial treatment, I have had met to the lung twice. All three times I have had treatment (but especially the first time), I experienced some very mixed emotions when I finished treatment. I have since learned that this is very common. Yes, it is wonderful to be finished with treatment but as others have said, it is hard to switch from 'warrior' mode to 'waiting' mode. The first time, I actually sought counselling -- and that was very helpful, for me -- I needed to process what I had been through and what I was facing. The waiting game is hard. But being alive sure is wonderful. I still struggle with this, almost every day -- but it gets easier -- and better.

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I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with mets to liver in June 2006. I had thirteen rounds of folfox, chemoradiation and a colon and liver resection. I had my last chemo treatment at the end of March and am feeling really great. I feel as well as I felt before all of this. It has been hard for me to end treatment because I feel I am not actively participating anymore and am just waiting and waiting. But I also know that living my life to its fullest and working and staying active is participating in my staying well.

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I am new to the CSN. I am 25 and was diagnosed with stage IV colon with liver mets back in April. I cannot tell you what life is like after treatment as I still have a ways to go. I can however tell you that a positive attitude to my disease has kept me alive and responsive thus far. I can only assume that the same positive attitude will keep me going post treatment as well. That said, I do anticipate great apprehension between scans. It's like Lance Armstrong said, "there is plenty of treatment and support available while you are fighting the disease but very little after you've beaten it."

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Well, the way I see it, I've had the worst day of my life. You see, on July 22, 2004 I was dx with Stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver on my 43rd birthday. The Dr. stated that I could die at any minute but that I had 18 months tops to live with treatment. I wanted to get other opinions at other hospitals. However, because of HIPPA, I had to drive around and get my test results to take them to another place. The Dr. didn't approve, said I shouldn't get on a plane or lift more than 10 lbs.

Well, as I was running around getting my records, some guy ran a red light and disabled my car. So, I had a friend pick me up, I packed everything I could and bought a one way ticket to a great hospital.

So, after my worst day, and my worst birthday, I am thankful that every minute of my day isn't as bad as that one.

Since I take vacation to see my doctors(because I want to save up all my sick leave) I make the most out of my vacation. I look forward to drinking my berry flavored cocktail and I write down all my questions to ask my doctor on my next appt. (Sometimes this results in over 100 questions.) I go visit all my chemo nurse friends, and sometimes take a round around the hospital and talk to people and kids while I'm there.

Other than that, I love my job and am excited that I can continue to do what I love best. If I get overly concerned about something, I e-mail my doctor and he e-mails me back. This helps allay my fears until my next appointment.

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same dz, only mine was 3-05. I have had 8 months of chemo, 5 surgeries, 56 radiation treatments, and I am still going strong. Just had my 54 birthday and know life is worth the living every day. Be postive, keep doing what you enjoy doing, go on a vacation , celebrate each day, be with your family and enjoy them. I got back from the beach on July 7 this year. and 10 days later was told my cancer was back in my liver. had a resection for two tumors 8cm amd 5 cm. i have only 1/4 of my liver left. I had part of my diaphram, my gall bladder, a reconection of my portal viens, and that was all on August 1. Today I went to help with a Habitat House build. could I do much, no, but being there and doing something to help someone else was worth every minute. I am going back tomorrow. The chemo sucks, and I hope on October 2 went I see my onc, that I do not have to have it again. but if I do, I will live through this with God's help, my family, friends, and talking to people like you. We can make it. This battle is not over, and I will continue to fight it every day, but know I will do everything I can not to let it win. take care,and we stand with you.

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Hi - waiting from scan to scan is very tough. But it is sure better than the alternative! I continue to have problems with this, but it does get easier every time.

I was diagnosed in 5/2005 with Stage IV CRC with liver mets. I had colon surgery in June 05 and had chemo (Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin) for 6 cycles After two cycles I was NED (no evidence of disease). My last chemo cycle started on 11/28/05. I was supposed to take a break after that, but have been NED ever since, so we have never resumed chemo.

I continue to have CT and PET scans every 3 months as well as blood work, but continue to be NED. Just passed 2 year NED mark. Will have scans in October and assuming they are good, I'll be 28 months NED and off chemo 24 months in November.

Hoping for the same with you,

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Hi. Hubby dx in Dec , stage IV with liver mets. Colon resection in Jan. Told inoperable for the liver mets for the last 8 mos and surgery would probably not ever be an option. Well guess what!, they were wrong. In fact I think his onc is amazed that he's done so well. Going to have liver resection in 3 weeks , after finishing 9 chemo treatments and working full time since April. Hopefully there won't be a need for the chemo again, but if there is , we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Was on the oxal/avastin and xeloda regimen. Is it tough, yeah it's tough, but your attitude can go a long way in making it better. Keep the faith . God Bless

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