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Hand-Foot Syndrome

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Does anyone have any hints for dealing with this? I am taking Sunitnib in a clinical trial for metastasized thyroid cancer and am really having trouble with my feet. (Fortunately, my hands are fine.)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Hi, John - sorry to hear you are going through this. I'm sure you've probably seen this 'tips' sheet for hand-foot:

My sister (esophageal adenocarcinoma) was on 5FU, and she believed that a low daily dose of Elavil seemed to help alleviate the symptoms; she felt it made her system less 'reactive' to the chemo - but I haven't seen that recommended in other places, so I'm uncertain as to whether it was a placebo effect or not.

I do know that sometimes these types of 'off label' medication uses can help with neuropathic pain syndromes, so perhaps it may have worked in the same way for her. All the best to you.

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Joined: Apr 2007

Hi, Rustifox - actually, I hadn't come across that page. It looks useful, many thanks. I'll do some checking into Elavil.


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Hi John1960, I am also currently taking sunitinib as a clinical trial for thyroid cancer. I have been fortunate that my hand foot syndrome has been quite easy to treat with liberal amounts of common skin lotion. I use the non scented formula, but only because of my personal preference. Sorry I can't give you more helpful information.

I am curious how you are progressing with sunitinib. How long have you been on the trial and have you experienced any improvement?

Good Luck,

John S.

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