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Can I have some Whine with my cheese

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This is my first week of chemo, it sucks. Does it get any better?? I went through 6 weeks of rads/xeloda, it wasnt a walk in the park but it was over quickly. Now I face 12 weeks or more. I just feel like I should be able to will myself to feel better?? Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Feeling Blue, Robin

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Hi Robin,

What chemo are you having. I don't think it gets any better. However, I do think that you will adjust to it to some degree. Try to keep thinking of that light at the end of the tunnel. Taking naps occasionally helps and I found that salty foods went better but everyone has different types of food that they tolerate better during chemo.

Hang in there. Dick

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Hey Dick,
I am on xeloda 3000mgs a day and oxaliplatinum (sp?) IV infusions every 3 weeks, thats what kicked my butt. Thanks for the support! Already feel a little better just hope I can make myself go to the next one. Prayers, Robin

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it will get better..are u taking any medication for nauseas ? There r a lot of good ones out there....but u should feel a lot better in a couple of days

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Don't be too hard on yourself. Unfortunately these drugs will/can make you a bone weary tired that sleep just won't cure. So take it easy and rest when you can.

don't forget to eat. If it tastes good - eat; don't worry about a diet.

Stay positive; you know that this all will pass and it's all intended to make you better. We all know you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. But be the stronger person - keep the faith and see it through!

This from someone who did 5 weeks of rads/Xeloda, surgery and just finished 21 weeks of adjuvant.

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Hi Robin,
My only advice is patience and commitment. I remember my week one . It was week one of 48 sessions. I have a good memeory as it was nearly ten years ago. Good luck and best wishes for a CA free future . Ron.

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I know everyone's different and everyone's side effects are different, and I really feel for those who do experience bad side effects. We've been fortunate . My hubby was on same regimen as you are ( with avastin also on infusion day) . He's had 9 treatments over 6 mos. Currently off since he's awaiting surgery. He's had very good results. It's worked very well for him and he will be having a liver resection next month as a result. Fortunately , he has been one of those who has experienced very few side effects ( a blood clot as a result of the avastin, for which he takes lovenox injections twice a day ) but no nausea or major fatigue and has been working full time since treatment #2 at a physical job.

I'm certainly not suggesting that the following works for everyone, but he made up his mind on treatment number 1 that he could do it and he'd get through it . That he wouldn't be sick, that this was just going to be an inconvenience , but he wasn't giving into it. It worked ... for him. That of course, and by the grace of God. We looked at each subsequent treatment as one step closer to our goal. I hope your regimen goes smoother for you and I think it will. You need to also think it. Focus on the goal and that there will be an end to treatment. God Bless, you'll get through it Robin. You did the rads. If you could do that, you'll get thru this!

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Chemo Sucks!!! It didn't get any better for me. In fact fatigue and numbness and tingling got worse as things went on. However that being said I would take naps, eat whatever sounded good (Spaghetti O's, Mac and cheese), cry occasionally, say foul words sometimes more than occasionally, and know that this treatment was not going to beat me. I also played a mental game with the number of treatments left (25% done, 33% done, 50%done, etc.). You will get through and have strength you didn't know exsisted. It's ok to be blue....but know you are working toward NED!!!! It's the best words you will ever hear. I heard mine last Friday. Today is my one year anniversay since stage III rectal CA diagnosis and I am amazed what I have been through. Just keep going!!!!! I'll keep you in my prayers.


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Hey robin, hang in there. start a reverse calendar and start telling everyone in your tight circle how many left. you will be amazed what happens around week 5 or six.

also, the girl that sat in the office next to mine always said to me every morning. What are you thankful for today. at first I wanted to shorten her existence but after awhile, I started to realize that today ends at midnight and with all the crap, there still is alot to be greatful for.
so Robin, what are you grateful for today?
Many of us are walking with you.

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Hey everybody,
Thank you soooo much. I am grateful for many many things and many many people. I am grateful for all of you. I am grateful for my faith. Feeling better about life. Needed a pep talk. Prayers to all, Robin

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Hi Robin,

Decadron got me through...Its a steroid...you should see how far I can hit a baseball now! (Kidding...LOL)


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