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update on my status

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I posted my status on the colorectal board today. below is a copy of that post.

Had my CT/Pet today and not the news I wanted but then again, I am still breathing and still smiling.

Tumor load was maintained but no reduction with this round of chemo so far. With more time on the Xeloda, I may see some tumor reduction. They found a bunch of activity by my rectum that they were not overly concerned with but at my request will send me to have it looked at.

I also requested investigation into taking a very aggressive approach and doing more surgery (sugarbaker or peritoneum chemo and surgery) to remove my colon and other spots in the peritoneum. I will meet with a specialist but my onc feels I do not qualify as I have spots in my retroperitoneum or behind the abdomen wall. Blah blah blah.

Overall I am holding it together quite well on the outside and I think ok on the inside. I feel great, best I have felt in a long time, so I am deciding to visualize the cancer leaving and I wont take no for an answer.

Thanks all for your support. I will keep ya posted when I get more and for sure better news.

Mark (Limey)

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