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Well…. A ways to go to get to NED

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Had my CT/Pet today and not the news I wanted but then again, I am still breathing and still smiling.

Tumor load was maintained but no reduction with this round of chemo so far. With more time on the Xeloda, I may see some tumor reduction. They found a bunch of activity by my rectum that they were not overly concerned with but at my request will send me to have it looked at.

I also requested investigation into taking a very aggressive approach and doing more surgery (sugarbaker or peritoneum chemo and surgery) to remove my colon and other spots in the peritoneum. I will meet with a specialist but my onc feels I do not qualify as I have spots in my retroperitoneum or behind the abdomen wall. Blah blah blah.

Overall I am holding it together quite well on the outside and I think ok on the inside. I feel great, best I have felt in a long time, so I am deciding to visualize the cancer leaving and I wont take no for an answer.

Thanks all for your support. I will keep ya posted when I get more and for sure better news.
Mark (Limey)

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Dear Limey,

Of course, you WILL see reduction soon. I am so sorry that the news was not what we wanted, but it hadn't grown so that's a good thing!

Good for you for being proactive in your treatment. Keep visualizing, praying, believing, and knowing that complete wellness is an option! I know that's what I will be doing for you.



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Thaks Kay, Iknow your right there with me. Much appreciated.

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I love your attitude about things. The won't take no for an answer. Attitude for me has gotten me through. I always dress up for oncology appointments, it my way of saying "screw you cancer, I refuse to look sick". I visualize a lot also. Have you read The Secret??? It's a little hokey, but I read the section on health over and over during chemo. I will keep you in my prayers.


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I agree with Kay about no new growth. I heard that for 6 months while apparently other good things were going on. Scream at the ******* cells like I told you about in Nashville (sorry folks, Jose would delete my post if I printed it). It's like a more forceful form of visualization and getting an attitude about the ******* cells not being welcome.

I love how you are managing your treatment plan!!!!! I bet the docs talk about you behind your back, saying things like "sure am glad most of our patients just do what we tell them and never question anything". Seriously I bet they love it. Mine seems to enjoy my questions and grilling emails.

Hugs honey and it sure was good hanging out with you this past weekend. It sure went by fast!! I can't wait till next years Palooza.

Love, Lisa P.

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Your attitude is certainly a big help, but that kind of news is so tough. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep us informed. You know how much we care.
Jo Ann

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I am sending my best hugs along....and the healing spirit we all saw in Nashville will live on...I am still amazed at you all that were in treatment...nary a sign among you!

Great BIG healing hugs, Kathi

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Hey Mark, I admire so much your fighting spirit and your great sense of humor, those great qualities will get you through this bumpy road,and your pro-active aproach will lead you to find the treatment that will work for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Limey, your spirit is inspiring!! Something that is helping me today, so thank you for that. Keep that fightoimg spirit going and you will beat this thing!!

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Stay POSITIVE and challenge those doc's everyday.

Every time you get them to question the path is one more step forward in progress.

Keep Smiling!

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I'm sorry the news was not all that you had hoped -- this time. I love your attitude. I was just saying to my husband this morning -- no-one has been able to measure the positive effect of "attitude" in beating the beast -- but dontcha just know it's huge?!

Sending best wishes.

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Hi Mark,

It's just going to be a matter of time before you beat it. You're doing a great job keeping it from progressing. The answer will come in forcing it back and out of your body by both natural and chemical means. I'm thinking that one year from now you will be NED.


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Praying for you and hanging tough with you. I was told last year I had a "spot behind the abdomen wall". Never thought it may disqualify me from anything....but not really suprised:( Is there anyway it could be something else? Or do they believe it has to be cancerous?

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Mark, I so admire your positive attitude and I know you will get past this . I think the odds are good that you may see some reduction with more time. I also believe in an aggressive approach and that's why I've been so persistant in researching and pursuing surgical options for my husband and thank God, it's paid off and he will be having liver resection in October. You always reminded me that anything was possible and you were right. Continue to believe. You'll beat this ! God Bless and be sure to keep us all posted.


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Sorry to hear that you did not get the news that you were hoping. Keep the good thoughts going and it will pay off!


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Sorry you didn't get the news you wanted but I'm glad your still smiling.....that's great medicine! With your attitude I know you'll have this beast beat in no time. Keep believing as you are......my thoughts and prayers are with you!


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Those bastards (I'm talking about the cancer cells). I'm sorry you didn't get the news that you wanted but hang in there I'm sure with your positive attitude that it is coming soon! Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. Sue

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Mark: In April of this year I was told that there was slight shrinkage but that there would be no disappearance of the tumors. I was told after this chemo regimen there was very little that could be done for me. As you know, I did not accept that as a possible solution, and went to Buenos Aires for treatment. I really do not know what worked, the Erbitux (which is not approved in Canada), the alternative treatments, etc. or my state of mind at that time, but all I know is the results. Lungs are clear and liver resection got everything else. One of my doctors is a bona fide scientist, and he is a firm believer that the mind is the best cure for cancer. Keep up your amazing attitude, and I agree with Dick, NED is just around the corner. Monica

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Hi Mark,

Perhaps you might try an old Irishman's remedy...a car bomb (drink) and scream at the top of your lungs, "get the $*@% out now!" Come on, I'll join you!

Anyway, know that you are always in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. We're here for you brother...anything we can do to help.


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Not only do we need you well for the next colonpalooza- but I need you to learn the words of Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dash Board Lights!

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