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asoph stage 4 just found out

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Hi I am a 37 yr old male that just found out I have osph cancer stage 4 that has spread into my stomach..I am getting around ok but basically overnight my career everything has stopped..I have had my first chemo treatment and will be getting it every 21 days...I must say it really has taken the life out of me with one treatment..there is nothing they say they can do for me other then just try to shrink the lipmphnods in my stomach to make me more comfortable..my question is will this treatment get more easier to handle as I go or is it this bad every time? if you have the similar condition I would love to hear and hints tips suggestions on supplements for energy ect..thank you for your time please excuse the spelling and my lack of noladge so far , I just found out 2 weeks ago..Jeff

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Dear jeffreysdad,
here is a link for a great source of information and other people with EC cancer. Check out the message boards There are lots of folks out there who can help you with your questions. There is also an area with high calorie food ideas. Don't give up hope. There are people out there who have beaten this even at Stage 4.

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Hi guys, I'm so scared. Here I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a week ago and now coming from the cancer specialist I find out that it's more thank likely in my stomach. my surgery is slated for the day after Christmas and I'm terrified of the what the results will be. Please is there hope????? I'm 49 year old witha 9 year old daughter a single mom, who only wants to be here for her girl.

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I am 3+ years from diagnosis, and am 47 years old. My treatment was chemo and radiation, followed by surgery, followed by chemo. The treatment is brutal but it has me here today. I had both esoph and stomach cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. My chemo was once a week for six weeks. At that same time I was getting radiation five days a week for the same six weeks. I then had surgery to remove 40% of my stomach and 5 inches of esoph. After recovering from surgery I had six moe chemos. This treatment was a clinical trial of a research study for treating this cancer at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. I will be 3 years from end of treatment on November 1st. Good luck.

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Hi Jeffreysdad, You are not alone, the Esophageal Cancer discussion group has been reinstated on these boards, thanks to one of our best loved members, Bill, who is also an EC survivor. I suggest you go there and post your questions as you take this challenging journey. My husband was diagnosed Stage 4A in June, a COMPLETE shock to us. He is a healthy 61, and had no symptoms until 2 months before he was diagnosed.Since surgery is not an option, he is getting 3 different kinds of chemo. He has had good results from the chemo, I hope you will have similar good luck. Go to the EC boards and post there. Good luck to you!!

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