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Colonoscopy on Tuesday

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Hi All,
I haven't been around much for 2 reasons:
1. I am looking for a job and feeling too sorry for myself (it's embarrassing-the self-pity, not the unemployment)
2. The site is very slow for me and sometimes I have to leave before I can see that a reply is posted. I think I will contact the webmaster.

Anyway, I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday and I was just wondering(like I haven't had a ton of these things) why you can't take aspirin products. I have a wicked headache and could really use an excedrin. How long do you need to fast? The oscopy is at 9AM on Tuesday. I know I know these things, but I may be looking for someone to give me the answer I want hehe.

I hope everyone is well.

Here's a shout out to all you 'palooza folks. I am sooooo jealous.


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Hi Taunya -

Good luck with the scope.

Aspirin products, and to a lesser extent ibuprophen (Advil) can cause GI bleeding. That of course is the last thing the GI doc wants when he/she is doing the colonoscopy. So, to reduce the risk of bleeding they take you off aspirin and other NSAIDs. I believe you can take Tylenol, however.

I am always told to fast (non-red clear liquids)for the entire day before the scope and then obviously the day of the scope until it is over.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Betsy,
I am on the no food part now blehhh..... Tonight is the fun part though. Thanks for the tips.

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Hi, Just want to wish you good luck on Tuesday and sometimes it's ok to feel a little sorry for yourself, but sometimes you just have to remind yourself that someone, somewhere is probably going through worse things than you are and you can get through it. Keep determined and Keep us posted , Good Luck and God Bless. Betsy is right on with her answers on the aspirin and fasting.

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Tanya, best of luck on Tue. I was told nothing to thin the blood for 24 hrs. I have a scan on Monday, hopng we can both get encoiuraging news.
BTW - Palooza was the bomb. I was going to cancell due to back pain. I hurt from laughing but boy oh boy did my spirit need this. These plople are all crazy. I onthe other hand am totally sane. Knock em dead on tue.

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Taunya- good luck tomorrow on your colonoscopy! Give us all the good news.

Limey- "totally sane"? Puhhleeease!

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Hi Taunya,

Betsy has all the right answers to your questions. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck.


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Betsy is right. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow.


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