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Bloody Mucus discharge and Folfox

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I started my Folfox treatment 9/14/07 and this morning (9/15/07) I have had some mucus discharge from the anal area that is mucus mixed with bright red blood. I had a temporary Ileostomy after my surgery for rectal cancer, and so I'm wondering if the discharge is related to the chemotherapy of not. I would love to hear from any one who can shed some light on this.


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When was the reversal? I'm thinking that's the most likely cause, but I'd still let the onc know.

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Hey Coloradian,
I have had all kinds of different discharges but never bright red blood so I would call my onc on this one. Prayers to you, Robin

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Had no anus at the time of the Folfox so no problem like that. No discharge from the ostomy. It likely is not anything to worry about but it is wise to run it by your oncologist.


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