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Greetings from Nashville!

I wanted to send out a quick "virtual Palooza post card"' We're having a great time here in the Music City. Stacy picked a great venue less than a block off of the Music Strip, across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ol' Opree.

Last night's Palooza Party included a fantastic characiture artist courtesy of Stacy, tons of organic food courtesy of Scouty, some primo Jack Daniels courtesy of Mike and Mary Ann Womack (Mike is a SemiColon and he and Mary Ann both work for Uncle Jack), and some AMAZING Cheetos courtesy of Emily!

After the house party, we adjourned to the Big Bang Dueling Pianos Bar...WOW! What a blast that was! I was thoroughly humiliated (OK, not really) when Lisa Rose, Don (jams' husband) and I were called up on stage (along with a bevvy of buxsom birthday beauties) to "celebrate" our respective birthdays by performing the Hokey Pokey for the packed establishment. Yes... we were forced - completely against our will - to put in, put out and shake all about various parts of our anatomy including our arms, our heads, our uvulas, and... ahem... other parts (I am REALLY hoping someone videoed the performance!)

Anyway, hope to see everyone at the next CP! We still have to meet here to determine the next venue. That's the rules; the people who attend the Palooza get to pick the next Palooza's location - of course if you have suggestions that you would like to have put on the table, let your voice be heard! (but, you have to be present to vote - fair is fair!)

More updates and, no doubt, incriminating photos to follow soon!


- SpongeBob & usakat

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SpongeBob....sounds like a great time is being enjoyed by all!!!

Nashville is a great city. The people, venues and location are primo!

Continue keeping us posted. We can live vicariously through your experience.

Keep it shaking!

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Sounds like a great time! I'm not much into Jack Daniels, but have some cheetos for me~

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You are not suppose to be into Jack, Jack is suppose to be in you.
Seriously, I didn't have any either, though the buttery-nipples were wonderful and Scouty even provided them and said I could have another, because they were good for me.
Jo Ann

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It sounds like a blast. I wanted to be there this year but used up all my time off for my treatment. I plan on being there next time so y'all better pick some place good. :-) Never mind, with such a great group of people any place will be fun. I'm looking forward to the next CP.


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As they said in Texas (where I lived for 13 years) - good to hear y'all are having a great time! Y'all come back to us, you hear?

Maybe next year!


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Oh how fun!! I'm envious of all of you!! So glad it's a success and hopefully, I'll get the the next one.

Enjoy the rest of your time and have a blast for all of us. Tell'em all we are thinking of all of you


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Hi Guys,
Keep having a good time for us all! I am sooooo jealous.

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