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I've been going to Yale New-Haven Hospital for the past 3 years for severe, debilitating headaches that have lasted for 6 years. After many series of tests and surgeries they still can't tell me anything. I now have a copy of my medical records to keep on my person now that I'm 18 and something compelled me to open it and look. On my file it says that a low-grade glioma might be the problem. They've never mentioned anything like this to me, or at least when I was conscious. I don't know much about it so could someone please tell me some more about this? And should I confront my doctors and how? How do I tell my parents?


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    hi haushinka,i am a 14 yr survivor of also a low-grade glioma it's called an advice is to tell your parents about what is going on with you.they will definetly want to know what's going on.go first for a second opionion to another have that right.tell that dr. what was going on.he will do the tests that need to be done.then tell your parents. get that 2nd opionion as soon as you can.let me know through this web-site and i will keep in touch.GOD BLESS YOU and i will be praying for you.
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    Yes I agree with Mark. I think it would be best to talk to your parents, they may know more about it then you think. Then get a second opinion.
    Good luck.
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    Ask your doctor to refer you to a neurologist and ask for an MRI or CAT scan to check out whether or not it is a tumour but see a specialist about it and get another opinion. I can't believe they simply wrote "a low grade glioma might be the problem".