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My father was diagnosed with liver cancer two weeks ago. It came so suddenly. Every month he has a blood test (3 weeks before diagnosed)and the tumor marker does not show any sign. It shows no sign of cancer. After the Ct scan, we found out the size of the tumor is 11 cm. It was just to big for us to swallow. How can a size that big goes undetected. His last Ultrasound was last year, and it shows no sign of tumor (at least that what his doctor said). He just received his first chemoembolization a week ago. It has been two days since he had any sleep. We have tried all of the ambien. We just went to see another doctor for a second opinion and he said he can remove the tumor , is that a good decision. Because I do not believe he can take anymore chemo into his liver. He needs his sleep so can get some strength.

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Blood tests alone cannot detect liver cancer. Some tumors do not produce the tumor markers. Tumors can suddenly grow rapidly. You must do research and become knowledgeable quickly, so you know what questions to ask. I had surgery two years ago followed by a special radiation treatment in Hong Kong that was in late clinical trials in Singapore. Hopefully by now your father has had surgery or started treatment...

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Good advise to the writer. I'm curious about your radiation treatment--can you tell me more? Was it for residual disease after the surgery? Did you have the surgery in Hong Kong, also? I am a stage IV primary liver survivor with 4 years of survivorship--total of 4 surgeries--currently feeling great, doing well. However I'm always on the look-out for anything new....

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