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Kidney tumor removal

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This is my first message out here. so..."hello". I had my kidney removed May 31. It was all contained within the kidney.. lymph nodes all negative. Before surgery MRI, Bone Scan, Chest x-ray.. all came back negative. Had a stress test too -- came back fine. My follow up is Sept 12.. Cat Scan and Blood draw. I am anxious, as one can imagine. I try to tell myself if something is there ~~ get it while it is small. Thanks for listening....

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Hi, this is my first message too. I had my kidney removed in March and I have my follow up on 19th October I am feeling nervous! How did your scan go? My story is the mirror image of yours.

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rhonda it sounds good for you. I just had a tumor removed from my left kidney and have been left with one-half on that side. After recuperating there is one in the righ kidney to go after. Who did your surgery? How do you feel? I am really sore,and not really myself after two weeks. Tell me it gets better.

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paul1 - Hi, this is my first reply to anyone. I too had a portion of my left kidney and tumor removed 10/25/07. It took at least three weeks before the pain and soreness started to improve, but as of today five weeks later, I am much more comfortable--Able to work, drive and move around. By the end of the day though, my left side is still a little sore. My energy level is still not back to normal...But every day coming back. I didn't expect recovery to take this long..So hang in there and don't overdo!

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