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I have tonsil cancer

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I had tonsil cancer, stage 4a. I had a lump on the left side of neck. It was squamous cell cancer. Had radiation and chemo. Radiation scarring caused a problem with eating. I still have a feeding tube, also had a dissection on the left side of neck. I will know in three weeks after another larynscopy, this time through my feeding tube. Dr was unable to go that far down when I was in the office. After this procedure, I might be a canidate for reconstruction for my throat using skin grafs from my arm and thigh. I also have a tracha, if not I will need to have to laryngectomy. I will be going to a New York Hospital.

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Very sorry that you are having to go through this but it sounds like you are getting great medical care and advice. I am a fairly "Newbie" at all of this having only just now started into Rad/Chemo phase but as many of my new friends on these boards told me....Hang in there, stay positive, do what the Docs tell you and you'll get through all of this. And don't forget your role as a support giver on these boards. Many people check in here for the first time and could greatly benefit from your advice and experiences thus far. Keep the faith......stay well.........God Bless. JK

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I also had tonsil cancer, stage 4a. Also started with one lymph node swelling on left side. Left neck dissection, no further lymph nodes affected; then chemo and radiation. I had the feeding tube for six months, until taste returned and I could eat again. My treatment began 11/04, finished 3/05, so I am about 2.5 yrs NED (no evidence of disease... my favorite three letter acronymn these days...). I still attend a monthly head and neck survivors group on a monthly basis for support and to share advice.
Good luck to you and I hope you continue to improve. Tracy

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