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Limey Diet?

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Hi Limey (and everyone else :),

I read your web page, very impressive. It gives me hope. I am stage 4 liver,lymph, lung mets.. So far 8 weeks of chemo hasnt shrunk it, but it didnt grow much either. My ONC doenst think that diet does anything to the cancer, but I dont agree. Could you tell us what your diet was? What you did with the juicer?
Anyone else have sucess with a particular diet?

Thanks for your time :)

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I did after chosing to stop chemo after it stopped working and the side effects were too much. Read my web page, it will tell you more. Check out 2bhealed's web page too, she didn't do chemo at all (stage III), only natural things. There are others here who have also changed their diets, hopefully you will hear from some of them.

Interesting what your Doc said since just yesterday one of the medical doctors we have here (Jana) sent me an article from a medical publication saying there is a scientifically proven correlation between colon cancer remission and eating right.

Lisa P.

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It is somewhat surprising that your doctor still believes that diet cannot help. Medical schools only started focusing on diet and preventative medicine recently, so.....
I remember sitting in the waiting room and hearing my onc say something from the hallway like "Well, she's taking all these HERBS" I am pretty sure he was refering to me!
I would recommend any low-glycemic diet. You can find many, many options at the bookstore. Basically, choose foods that do not have a huge affect on your blood sugar. That means getting rid of processed sugars (all the white stuff). White rice, white bread, white pasta are all bad. Replace them with whole grain products, brown rice, etc. Try to eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible with the exception of fruits. Add veggies and beans to your diet. If you get rid of many of the bread products you will automatically find yourself eating more veggies. Eat as close to natural as possible. Now, I am not saying you need to grow your own wheat grass like the lady in the Crazy Sexy Cancer movie (unless you want to). As for the juicer, it is an easy way to get your veggies in a hurry. Since I moved in May we have not been using the juicer. I need to pull it out of hibernation, but IMO you can also just eat your way to better health. The thing is that the juicer just makes it easier to get more, quicker. Plus you are not cooking anything which provides more live enzymes. I would recommend going out and getting yourself some books about Low Glycemic diets and a book concerning juicing recipes and focus on the green juices rather than fruit juices. Also, if you live in the woods, go out and pick lots of berries before it's too late!
I hope that helps you,

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Basically try to go alkaline. see this website.


for juicing I got a screw type juicer. Mine is an Omega. Champion also makes a good one as do many others. you want to stay away from the cyntrifical spinning ones. too much heat. I mix carrots, 1/2 beet, spinach, Purpale Kale and sometime 1/2 apple. yum. just focus on something outside and gulp it down. It does wonders for anyone having troubles with irregularity - either way. no kidding.
e-mial me if you need more specifics.

also try beating cancer through nutrition Patrick Quinlan (i think)

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Dx with almost 3 years ago stage IV. on remission right now....I stopped red meat completly..and slow down on sugar...I also cut 100 % on fat ( fried chicken ec)...sorry I am puertorican so I cannot give up rice....I eat way to much berries, plums and avovados....and I take like 20 pills a day ( vitamins ) must ao them are antioxidants and pills to increase your inmune system ( transfer factor)....
take care

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I would like o add that is has to be a combo of different things. Because you will also hear of vegetarian people that have had cancer. We have to believe, change attitudes, diets,pray, sorround ourself with people that loves us, avoid negative people, laugh, ect.....well, at least that 's what I am trying....just a diet won't make it....
God bless

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great point alta,

it is a lifestyle change, not just changing your diet!!!!

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I got the book beating cancer through nutrition by Patrick Quinlan. Thats what started me on this diet kick.. He says that "cancer feeds on sugar" .. My ONC disagreed.
Looking at stuff on the shelf, OMG EVERYTHING has some sort of sugar in it.. I've been eating better since the DX, but I want to do more.
Dont think I am up to that Crazy Sexy Cancer diet either.. and I really miss ice cream.

Thanks for all of the replys :)

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I think these diets make a lot of sense, but can make diarrhea symptoms significantly worse when you're dealing with diarrhea from chemo. Raw vegies only aggravate my symptoms. Even cooked vegies are tough. I hate to say it, but it's the processed stuff that my tummy can handle best when on chemo. I try to follow the diet for the 4-5 days when I get my short break per month. If only I could figure out how to get the best nutrients during chemo when I need it most!

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hi livefree,

Not surprising, but sadly so prevalent, is your doctor's opinion that diet has nothing to do with cancer. No wonder the "war on cancer" is such a fiasco......

Diet has so much to do with healing the body, along with mind, emotions, and spirit. Here is what I know from the past 25 years of nutrition interest, in particular the past 6 years of healing (curing) cancer (my own).


LIVE ENZYMES are the KEY to ALL living things.

Take those two truths to heart and from there you can build your own nutritional protocol that fits into your life be it low-glycemic, pH alkaline diet, vegan diet, macrobiotic diet, raw foods diet, juicing diet etc ect.

Live enzymes are in RAW foods and they are what repairs and rejuvenates your organs and when we're talking about diseases like cancers, then Live Enzymes are your best bet.

The easiest way to get these Live Enzymes is through juicing your veggies....in particular....green veggies. The juicer acts as a "pre-digestor" extracting the enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the fiber. If you were to chew the veggies your body cannot extract the same amount of nutrition; and in trying to boost your immune system and heal from cancer, the most nutrition is obviously optimal. Juiced veggies are such an easy assimilable way to boost your intake of healing, curing properties.

You can always add fiber such as cancer kicking-a$$ flax seeds to your juice, and eat some veggies too like salads and steamed broccoli or beets.

As for cancer feeding on sugar, it has something to do with insulin uptake. Unfortunately ACS has misleading (wrong) info on this site in regards to these two issues (juicing and sugar feeding cancer). Your doctor obviously hangs on to this old, antiquated information, as we have witnesses time and again in medicine. I mean, look at what doctors have believed in the past (blood letting, leeches, labotomies, formula being better than breast milk... etc) that we scoff at these days as unenlightened. There have always been skeptics towards anything that goes against the "norm". But I am living breathing proof that diet changes can work wonders. Call it antecdotal if you prefer, but I could line up stories such as mine......but because I did not add to the coffers of Big Pharma, I don't count. HA! :-) They don't tend to do studies on folks like me.

As for my personal juice favorite for cancer healing:

4-5 juicing carrots
1 apple
1 stalk celery
1/4 beet (optional)(if you use beets, cut back on carrots)
2 kale leaves
handful parsley
small chunk ginger

To this I add SuperGreenFood (any kind of green powder you find at natural food stores)
brown rice protein powder
2 T flax seeds


I hope this helps.

I was Stage 3 lymph pos colon ca who said NO to chemo and healed post surgery by using many "alternative" modalities. I use Western diagnostics and Eastern Medicine which is a holistic approach--mind, body, spirit. It is more successful for curing (IMO) to deal with all three aspects of healing.

peace, emily

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A friendly reminder to all ... While the American Cancer Society encourages members of the CSN community to share stories and practical tips to support one another, it is against our site usage terms and conditions to dispense medical advice in any form. Members are cautioned not to confuse personal opinion with credible medical/scientific information.

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JUICING??? When I read the title of this thread as Limey Diet, i assumed someone had found a way to serve up Shepherd's Pie and haggis & scones so that they fought cancer. damn... Well, at leasy Guiness is good for you; of course that isn't British...

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