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I have PC gleason 7(3+4) 2 of 12 sites and T2a. PSA 3.5 in 2004 now 7.8. considering external radiation vs. surgery. seeds not recommended by rad. onco. as have weak stream for 5+ years & getting worse. Incont is depressing to think about. How much does it restrict activities?

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Hi Sam,

I am 3 years post op and will share my experience with you.

The radiation treatments kill good tissue as well as bad. Later on lots of people have colon
issues as well as incont.

The new nerve sparing procedure is the way to go.
Your diagnoses seems to fit the requirements.

The prostate is removed and the backup muscle is repositioned to serve as the primary. It works wonderfully. 99% of patients have total control as soon as the catheter is removed.

Find a surgeon who does lots of this surgery. You have every reason to believe you will walk away with urine control and sexual function. The horror stories we all have heard are a thing of the past.

Even if you are in the 1% the surgeon finds the cancer too advanced there are many ways to control urine function and live a normal life.

I would be glad to chat with you if you wanted.

Best Wishes

Ron C

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Sam,You sound just like me,gleason of 7 PSA 7.8 Found I had cancer in late May. Went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and was given all the choices,radiation,seads etc,etc. I went with robotic surgery,done in mid July. The Doctor told me nothing else would have worked,as cancer was to advanced! No way of telling other than opening me up! I was up and walking the same night as surgery and left the hospital by noon next day! Very little incontinence for two to three weeks,sexual function a little slower coming back.One week with a cath bag and six weeks with no lifting anything over ten pounds. I'm back to full activities and will be having my first test in mid Oct. I'm 53 years old so this might have had some effect on my out come after surgery. Best wish's and all the luck to you! Craig

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Sam, I am 60 years old and was diagnosed with PC and had surgery December, 2006. The surgery was nothing at all. Had a catedar for 10 days and had minimal incontence for 2 or 3 weeks. After a month, no problem. My doctor had me start taking Cialis after the catedar was removed and I was having sex in two weeks. I truly recommend surgery (robotic). As mentioned, find an experience doctor and you will be fine.
I agree, there could be other complications if you go with radiation. I was almost going to have seeds, I changed my mind for the following reasons:
1) With radiation, PSA takes 2 years to get to "0". When you have surgery, your PSA goes to "0" immediately.
2) PSA can bouce up during the 2 years and it becomes a "wait and see". I could not handle this.
3) Surgery allows the doctor to see the infected area and take biopies of the lymth nodes etc.
4)Surgery gets the cancerous prostate out of your body.
5) If you get a reoccurance after surgery, you can then have radiation treatments. If you have radiation first, their is no second chances.

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