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Irrigation of your bowels after ileostomy reversal

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Hi All,

My doctor mentioned that in case I was concerned about running to the bathroom all the time after my Ileotomy reversal, I could do an irrigation of the colon every morning. Has anyone tried it and if so how is it done and how effective is it?


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I was fortunate and didn't have a lot of control issues after my reversal. However there have been a few posts from people that used an enema to empty the colon. It seemed to work pretty well for them. Hopefully one of them will answer and give you a little more info.

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I have a colostomy and use irrigation regularly. I am very happy with this. I'm not sure how this would work after ileostomy reversal -- I've only heard of it being used by folks with colostomy -- but maybe I'm just ignorant. I'd be happy to provide more information on irrigation. You can email me through this site. You should be able to get access to a stoma nurse who could provide information and (if appropriate) instruction. Check out Shaz's website on ostomies -- I don't have the URL but you can Google, I'm sure.

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