Just diagnosed...need feedback please!

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma yesterday and have found myself having to make all kinds of decisions I know nothing about. My dermatologist wants to do the exision on Friday, is that soon enough? I was also referred to a surgical oncologist for lymphatic mapping and their office said they usually do the exision at the same time. But they can't get me in until next week. I'm not sure I want to wait, but also not sure I want to have two surgeries if i can get them both done at once.

I would appreciate any feedback and also hearing your experiences. Thank you.


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    Did you get my long message? I am new on the list and did not know what to push so that you would receive all the knowledge that I could help you with. If you want the booklet that I have, I will be glad to send it overnight. Jennie Cahill Dreamland Ranch Central, SC
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    Hi, I'm a 4 year survivor of dysplastic melanoma, rt hand. One surgery at a cancer center is the way to go. Don't know where you live, but find the best regional center for melanoma and go there! I had multiple procedures & biopsies at my dermatologist which destroyed most of the tumor, so the surgeon was unable to stage it properly. You'll probably have a wide area excision and sentinle node biopsy. The latter test hurts a lot, but is necessary. Two melanoma centers I can recommend are The John Wayne cancer Inst. in Santa Monica, CA. and Johns Hopkins Melanoma Center in Baltimore, MD. Blessings to you on the journey. Walk with God! Bob.
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    I was diagnosed last August. I am stage 3a and have been receiving treatment now for 8 months. I did have 2 major surguries. The first to remove the cancer and the sental node. A month after I had the next one to remove all nodes in my left arm becuse it was present in 3 nodes. This is my first time on this site. It is a scary time. I am a mom of 3 lovely children. I have not been working for I am unable due to this treatment. I live in Delaware. Where do you live? You need to get a second opioion. I am thinking about the NIH in Maryland. Would love to talk more, not sure if I will be able to get back on this. Mot much of a computer person. Try not to read to much, pray often and keep the faith! Keep me posted.
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    i would do the 2 at once. it really isn't that much time to wait. surgery puts lots of stress on the body, and immune system, you need all you can get. change your diet, if you haven't yet, go to a natural nutritionist, get on some good herbs, meditation/relaxation/visualization/ of the cancer leaving your body will help if you can let yourself go there.
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    I was diagnosed 5/03, dermatologist removed intial mole the next week, 6/03 I had left side mapping with positive nodes remove and the initial site was so wide they had to do a skin flap in my back to cover the initial site because the initial site was so big a skin graph probably wouldn't hold. 7/03 had right side mapping with positive nodes removed, 9&10/05 radiology to neck, the initial mole was found on the back of my neck, 10/05 - 3/06 I had daily treatments of high doses of Interferon.As far as waiting the week for anything to be done if you have good doctors they usually no the time frames they are working in. My dermatologist didn't think I'd still be making appointments with him today, so hope, support, and treatments will hopefully all be in your favor.