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Great news

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Hi all,

I don't post very often, I am another of those lurkers here.

My hubby was dx'ed in Jan 06 at age 48 with stage 5 colon cancer which had metastasised to his peritoneal wall, with 3 nodes involved. He had 2 surgeries (the last one being "The Sugar Baker Protocol" on Apr 13/06 (atleast that is what they call it here in Canada. He has a permanent illsotomy, but that is a small price to pay. He did 9 rounds of chemo before his body could not tolerate anymore, and the onc said he could stop. He just had a CT-scan in July that showed what they hoped was scar tissue, so they ordered a Pet scan which was all clear. Talk about sitting on pins and needles for a few weeks.

When hubby was first dx'ed I looked at the stats and took them for gospel, not anymore... There are so many on this site who have proven that colon cancer is no longer the killer it used to be known as, everyday there are more who are beating this beast. Never ever give up hope!

To celebrate my hubby's boss is sending us on an Alaskan cruise in Sept.

So to all the newbies, please never give up hope, and keep fighting!

To all those heading to Nashville - have a great time!

My prayers and thoughts are with you all!


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great news and a wonderful story !!!
Believe !!
Stage 5 ????????????

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Stage 4


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Hey, I had stage 3 rectal, and stage 2 breast...well, you could say I had stage 5....rofl!

Hugs, Kathi

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How nice to hear your story. Tell your husband to keep on fighting!

You are going to love the cruise to Alaska. Just enjoy it to the fullest


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WOW that is great news Sue. tell you husband wayto go on the hard work. I am interested in the sugar baker protocol as mine has also spread to the peritoneal - any info would be appreciated.
go out and celebrate.

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Sue, thanks for the words of encouragement. You are so right. There have been so many advances, and hopefully, new ones right around the corner. So glad that your hubby is doing better and wow! what a great boss he has. Enjoy the cruise! God Bless, Diane

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Have a wonderful cruise in the Great White North!
Love to hear happy news!
Heather and Carl

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy to hear of the wonderful news!!!

God bless,


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So happy for both of you, and is true we are proof that this thing can be beaten.

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Wonderful news Sue,

So was that the Julia or Suzanne Sugarbaker procedure.....oops showing my age and love of the southern TV shows.

Have a blast, you both so deserve it.

Lisa P.

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Congratulations!!! So happy for both of you. Your inspiration is so powerful.

Enjoy your trip to Alaska. Enjoy your time together!

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(Now, please don't try that in Alaska....their national bird is the mosquito...also, you could wind up with a serious freeze trouble on exposed parts!!!

Congrats! Hugs, kathi

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Hi Sue,
Congratulations to you and your hubby! Have a great time on the Alaskan Cruise. I just came back from one and loved it!

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What great news!!!

What a great boss


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