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Spongebob and everyoneles

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i just read your note on being upbeat and less glummy. ok alittle about me . i am 38. i went into the doctors appt with chest pains and 48 hours later was being told that i have stage 4 colon cancer w/ tumors in my liver and both lungs. (is there a difference between liver mets ans tumors?).
before that day (i almost blew off that doc appt), i was a trainer who worked with adult disabled-- to work with them to get commmunity jobs. Some make it , most dont, but i love my job just the same. espcially the autistic.

after the dx -- my family sent me and my wonderful husband on a vacation to relax. yeah -- like that was going to happen.( i needed 4 more weeks to heal from colon resection surgey-- no bag) but it was very generous anyway. scott and i had a great time --the weather was good and we were in our favorite place in the whole world. black hills s.d. they were getting ready for sturgis ,so some bikes were there, but it wasnt crowded like usual.

its just scott and i -- no kids-- and our families. both of whom have been very supporting . cancer runs in my family-- dad 5 year suvivor of colon cancer, mom died in 89 of lung,( iwas 20) both grandmas had bone and colon cancer.

one very good thing that this dx did my little bro went in to get a colon scope and they found one polyp and removed it. i have got this attitude lately-- that i refuse to say i live WITH cancer -- i live INSPITE of cancer. i am of the oppinion that i get to choose what or who i live with. so i live inspite of the crap.

one thing that apparentally that gave my surgion a smile-- is when i saw this 10in. cut down my belly-- i bitched that i did not get a tummy tuck thrown in for free. i figured i should get a flat tummy out of the deal. :):):)

that is about it for now-- i live day to day and hope to go back to work after my first round of chemo is done talk to later lisa

ps i am on oxaliplatin/5-fu/leucovorin with bevacizumb and erbitux-- and i can not type or spell and do not know all the little abrevations that are used on the internet-- sorry-- i am a fast learner :):):):)

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Hello Lisa!
Good to have you here.....but sorry for the circumstances. What nice family you must have to send you away for a needed vacation. Family is so important right now; I am glad you have the support. A positive attitude is so important in this journey as I am sure you know. You can't always be upbeat and positive, so have a good cry when you need to, then get up and brush yourself off and enjoy your life.

I am I am a caregiver to my husband who has finished his treatments(stage 3 rectal)but is still battling the side effects resulting from his ileostomy reversal. We go for a CT scan on Wednesday and are optimistic but of course nervous. He was diagnosed at a young age also (44) as so many here are. We have two children, age 13 and 18 who keep us pretty busy.

I have a favorite aunt that went through rectal cancer 10 years ago at age 70. The doctors told her family that she probably wouldn't make it to five years. She is 80 years old now and NED and in great health. She is my hero and who I look up to. She is always upbeat(almost always!)and she always makes us smile. A while back she was showing me a new coat that she splurged on. She always wanted a RED leather coat. Well,she bought herself a very nice one. She laughed and said " I may die tomorrow, but TODAY I have a red leather coat." I know that she will get many years out of that coat!

I'm thinking of you and praying that your treatments go well! Keep us posted!


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What an amazing attitude! The cocktail they are giving you seems to be quite extensive. It seems as if your onc is treating this very aggressively, which is what you need, and probably want, judging by your attitude. I was dx in Nov 05 with cc with mets to liver that then went to the lungs. After 20 months of treatments, I am now NED (no evidence of disease). Keep up the fight and I will be praying for you. Monica

BTW, mets just means that the cancer has spread. They are still tumours.

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Great to have you and I echo the sentiment sorry under these circumstances. I'm a "caregiver" and this is a great support group. Welcome. ! God Bless, Diane

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Welcome Lisa. Sorry you are hear but you have come to a good place. It is OK to be a bit down. I have been dealing with this damn beast for 3.5 yrs now and it can somewhat bum a person our from time to time. Friends that help with the questions, that support you when you are down or frustrated, are worth a million bucks when help is needed. No doubt a positive attitude if a for sure way to increase your odds and make this journey more positive.

you may have quetions on as your treatments progress. fire away, someone here can help you.
stay strong.

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Welcome to our group and i am sorry that you have to be here. It sounds like you have a great support system and that is important during this illness.


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