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i am wondering

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hello i have colon stage iv with multiple tumors in the liver and both lungs. i am 3 weeks into an oxaliplatin/5-fu/leucovorin W/bevacizun and erbitux trial. is anyone eles on this -- if so how r u doing? i am having a chest x-ray in two weeks to see how things are progressing and am nervous. thanks

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Hi there,

I am stage III colon. And I've been on oxaliplatin/5-fu/leucovorin plus Xeloda. haven't been on the rest of the meds you are.

I know personnally, I had to go off of the oxaliplatin/5-fu/leucovorin & xelode because of side effects, but there again, we are all take it differently.

Side effect are reaction to cold. feels like needles when touching anything cold on hands, feet, mouth.

this probably doesn't help you to much and hopefully someone will answer with the type of Chemo's you are on.

My best to you and thinking good thoughts for you


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I had the same except I did not have the bevacizun or erbitux. I did have Avastin, though. I also am Stage IV with multiple tumors in liver...dx 6/06. I was determined to do the chemo as long as possible and had 16 treatments. I am stable now and on a chemo break. I had the sensitivity to cold with the oxaliplatin and still have neuropathy in my feet, but I think it worried my onc. more then me. I stopped chemo when the platelets would not stay elevated and my white cells also. My tumors shrank and I have had no new ones. PET scan next month to check further. CT showed stable.

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thank you for writing-- i am on a clinical trial-- so i am getting some heavy hitters for drugs== i am starting to get the cold sensitivity and the rash on the face. i guess i cant complain too much though. oh yeah -- food-- food taistes bad. except cookies. talk to u later lisa

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