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CT Scan next week

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Well, another 3 months have come and gone. It is time for my husband to get his check up next week.(Dx stage 3 rectal in Sept 06, chemo and radiation, surgery, Folfox, and reversal in late May) We have so many questions this time. After his reversal, he has still been in so much pain on and off. I am sure he will never be back to the way he was, but I'm hoping things will become more tolerable as time goes on.

We are praying for good test results. Life will never be the same again---and maybe we wouldn't want it to be. We have learned to dance like never before!


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Thanks for sharing...great news...!

I am 2 1/2 years post-surgery on my rectal cancer. I can tell you YES! it DOES get better!!!
I can't remember what your hubby had done...but, for me, I had a 'new' rectum made out of descending colon. There are times, still, that I have discomfort, mostly mild...BUT I just look at it as my 'new' rectum fogetting it's supposed to hold onto stuff...and reverting back to it's old job of process, process, process! Laughing is essential!

But, yes, it DOES get better...in the scheme of things, your hubby is still a rookie!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Faith, praying for good results on ct. My hubby's is also coming up first week in sept and an mri in the near future. I know how anxious the waiting time can be . Good thoughts coming your way . Keep us posted. God Bless. Diane

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I'll be praying for great results. And keep dancing. Even on the toughest days with my mom, if I think about it, there is always something to be thankful for.
God bless-

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Share the good news as soon as you recieve them
Believe and God bless

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Trusting your husbands news will be causing you both to celbrate. only positive thoughts, only positive thoughts.

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I just want you to know I am praying for you and your husband. I know how you feel, my dad went for his scan yesterday and will get the results on Thursday. Life won't be the same for me either, and you're right. Maybe we wouldn't want it to be. I find myself appreciating the little things in life more.


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