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what does this mean

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I went to see my Doctor to-day for a general check-up, Pap test etc. I had blood work done one week ago and she is "concerned" about my creatinine levels. I've heard that it is not uncommon to have elevated levels during chemo because the kidneys are working overtime to get rid of the toxins. I'm 10 months out of Folfox. She has scheduled me for further blood work in November to keep an "eye on the situation". It seems to me that whenever I go near her I end up a nervous wreck. I have an appointment with my Oncologist next week, but until I speak to her I know I will not sleep.

Anyone else had "creatinine" elevation that has continued after treatment.

I know I was monitored very carefully during chemo and nothing was mentioned about "kidney problems".

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Ahoy, Joyce -

When i was in chemo my lipids went through the roof. Chemo does so many weird things to your body and affects everyone differently. Hard saying whether it's "normal" or not. Try to rest easy between now and when you talk to your onc.

My aunt and my mom both experienced kidney mets. My aunt had one kidney removed and surgery on the other. She is fine now and does not require dialysis. I don't recall elevated creatin levels being in her suite of indicators - her's was a positive urine cytology test.

Be well.

- SpongeBob

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Bob: Thanks for your reassurance. Deep in my heart I know that everything is o'k. I ended up in hospital 2 weeks ago because of a pain in my right side. There was white cells in my urine which is a classic symptom of kidney infection. Emerg Doc called for a CT scan and it came back clear. I was happy as the proverbial Pig in poo with this diagnosis until I went to my own doc the following week and she gave me the doom and gloom about elevated creatinine levels = kidney disease. She scheduled me for a repeat test in 3 months --- so my logical mind says it can't be that bad or I would be getting tested pronto!!

My doc does this to me everything I visit her. It is as though she has to do a "one up on the oncologist".

I think that this is the aftermath of Chemo - I had 8 months of toxic waste and massive doses of steroids going through my kidneys + I'm 62 so I'm thinking there had to be some damage done.

I feel fine, I'm not peeing up a storm,I'm not blotted (except I'm overweight). So I'm just hanging in there until I see my Onc.

I never was a hypochondriac before --- sure hope I'm not turning into one!!

Thanks again, sometimes it just feels better to tell someone your fears :-)

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If you are worried call your onc and let them know the situation. Have your other doc fax the bloodwork to the onc. If the oncologist thinks it is important, I'm sure she/he will want you to come in sooner for at least another blood test.
Jo Ann

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