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closer to some better answers maybe

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We went back to the original surgeon regarding my husbands liver mets, since they've shown such shrinkage and that was our goal and since we've had so much "diversity" in opinions as to number and size. He has ordered an MRI now to get a more definitive answer on how many, what size and how deep they are. We are now being told an MRI is more accurate than the PET and CT for liver mets. He now agrees the ct shows 3 small mets in right lobe, and based on ct all under a cm . He has advised hubby to have the avastin one more time(today) and to hold off on avastin after this til we get results. You need to be off the avastin for 6 weeks before any surgery . ( so I am taking this as a hopeful sign that it's a serious consideration) He will call the ONC to discuss. He says he is not ruling surgery out yet and rfa is a possibility also, but he does not do it and the radiologist we had review the ct is only one of two here and he told us to continue to do "what we are doing" unless it progresses. So, we still feel a little in limbo, but also feel that we are taking baby steps forward due to our persistance. At least the MRI will give us more definitive answers we believe. You are all in my prayers. God Bless, Diane

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Hi Diane,
So grateful for the shrinkage in your husbands liver mets. Sounds like your onc is on top of it so I will pray that God will lead the onc to the right decisions concerning your husbands care. Pray for one another. Love, Robin

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that is great news...I also have to wait 6 wekks for surgery because avastin...sending prayers...
God bless

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I wish you the very best of luck and prayers . The onc disagrees right now on holding off the avastin until the surgeon has a definitive yes /no on the surgery. Since my husband is on a clinical trial and doing "well", she is very reluctant at this point. So, we are hoping that this MRI will turn out well and surgery is an option. God Bless and I pray all goes well for you. Keep the faith. Diane

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