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I am meeting with my oncoligist today to discus this erbitux, avastin and xeloda treatment. I hear about all these rashes. Now I do not wnat to take this product as I work in a hospital and might not be able to work. Did anybody ever have a remission on this stuff. What about avastin.??
My colon cancer went to the skull and multiple nodules in the lungs. I know what the alternate is if I do not use this stuff. Fran


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    I have heard of people going into remission from this line of treatment. Maybe you could talk to your onc about your concerns with getting a rash. He/she may have some suggestions about treating a rash, if you get it. Also, I know many others on this board will chime in about how to treat the rash. I know this is very difficult for you. Please hang in there. I will be praying for you.

    God bless,

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    i have the rash -- it bites-- but it is liveable. it looks like acne. so most people think it is that. a rash is better than the alternative. i am stage 4 two treatments in-- 6 to go . i am on the same treatment as your doc is recomending. nobody can tell you what to do -- but be selfish when it comes to your health care. you need to take cae of u . the rash is suppose to go away after treatment. also if you get the rash it is suppose to mean the drug is working :) good luck
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    Hey Fran,hang in there you have been such a fighter,try that combination,including the Erbitux, the rash will go away after treatment, You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Rash vs Life. Come on dear...that is a clear choice. There is a medication the doctor can prescribe for the rash that will help make it less. And believe me I am extremely vane, but a few pimples will not take me off my course of treatment. I will probably be going on the same drugs in October!! Avastin is a breeze and Xeloda is well tolerated! Been there, done that!

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    I had all the drugs for the 10 months of chemo. Avastin was well tolerated, xeloda had me kinda weak for some days. The erbitux did give me a rash and it was not pleasant but oral antibiotics, some creams and lots of cool compresses helped. I did get oxylaplatin which led to much neuropathy later. I do know that they can do lung surgery if the tumors respond and are able to be resected. For me, the tumer s did respond to the chemo which gives me hope that smaller micromets are also be destroyed. Although those 10 months hurt, on the other side right now it was worth it...
    All my best
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    My husband is on a chemo break because he got really good results from CPT11, Xeloda, and Avastin (better than expected). This treatment was harder than the Folfox so he was really ready for a break, but he has bounced back better than with any other treatments.

    My husband and I have talked about the sister to Erbitux (Vectibix) which is supposed to have less side effects. Unless he is convinced otherwise by the onc. he just doesn't think it would be "worth" it. Of course this is from a man that said most of his life he would never do chemo or radiation (he has done chemo twice and 7 weeks of radiation with his 1st recurrence).

    He had a chemo buddy that only got 1 dose and ended up in the hospital with the rash.

    From FDA news release:
    The mean time to disease progression or death in patients receiving Vectibix was 96 days versus 60 days in patients receiving the best standard supportive care. In addition, 8 percent of the patients on Vectibix experienced a tumor shrinkage that in some cases exceeded 50 percent of the pre-treatment size of the tumor. Both study groups showed similar overall survival.

    I would ask why the Erbitux over the Vectibix which is supposed to have less side effects because it is "fully human anti-body" and the Erbitux is mouse antibodies.

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    Just do what you need to do mate,hugs ,your mate Ron.