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Thanks Ron: sorry I have not been on this site for so long but living with my husband having stage 4 and 2 teens in the house... when I finally sit down at night I honestly have not had the energy to come to this site,,maybe I have been hoping for out of sight..out of mind? Peter is remaining stable..since my last post he had progressed on oxaliplatin and being from Canada it was a large process to get approved for Erbitux in the US...(sadly Erbitux is approved in Canada but not available..the goverment and the makers of erbitux cant agree on a price for the drug..so sad that it is all about money and not peoples lives..but I am so grateful to Ontario's out of country health care policy...)he has seen some shrinkage on the erbitux and is generally feeling well although the past week he has been having swollen ankles which scares me...I am so sad to see some members have passed on and happy that others are fighting and going strong...I will try to visit more often...there are just so many new people on this site that it breaks my heart...but perhaps I can help spread the word that colon cancer can be treated as a chronic disease..Peter is 38 months from diagnosis and still enjoying life..golfing, working and keeping our family together..

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Hi Bev,
Congratulations,you ,Peter and your family are an inspiration. Surviving isn't easy and sometimes the difference seems to be chosing to survive. That may sound dumb but I believe that one of the first things we do when confronted with cancer is subcocsciously to either chose to survive or to give up. My hope is that the next big break through is just around the corner and in fifteen years Peter will be enjoying life....golfing,retirement and keeping the grand kids in line. My best wishes to you all,Ron.

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Lisa Rose and I were just wondering how you were doing. Thanks for checking in and I am pleased to hear Peter is still stable. Have a great rest of the summer and please don't stay away so long next time.

Lisa P.

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Bev, so glad you posted and that Peter is doing better on the erbitux. That is good news. Be sure to take a rest now and then for yourself. I know how tiring and stressful it can be , but you need a break now and then. God Bless and keep the faith. Diane

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