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Hello all,

I have been looking for symptoms of colon/rectal cancer online and was led to this great site. I am wondering what type of symptoms you all had prior to diagnosis? I appreciate any input, the websites are mostly a laundry list of lots of symptoms. Did anyone have abdominal cramping? mucous? thick, dark jelly stool(blood)? Yes, colonoscopy pending- severe denial due to my medical training, I always had ways to explain away symptoms. Thank you all so much for any information.

Best Wishes to you all!

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I go in for surgery tomorrow and had no symptoms. My colonoscopy was simply routine, due to colon problems I've had for several years (e-coli 11 years ago and problems ever since).

Good luck. I just came here this past Friday. These are wonderful people.

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stay strong, I hope they get everything and this will be over for you. good luck in surgery :)

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I Birdee,
I didn't have the symptoms you had. Acutally, mine was crunching ice! I started crunching ice (I never did that before) and knew something wasn't right. That is a sign of anemia and sure enough, went to doctor,...blood test..I had anemia.

Doctor wanted to find out if I was bleeding and the colonoscopsy was the first thing he did. Found a "little" place which ended up being Adenocarcenoma (sp)

None of the blood test, CEA, ETC or CT or PET scan showed I had cancer cause it was so little.

Had surgery and removed 12 inch of colon and resection and I'm back to normal now.

Stage III so I am still on chemo but half way done and I know I will beat this thing. No doubt about it. I feel I've done better than I thought I would through all of this.

Hope your results are good ones and I sure will be thinking of you. Just don't spend your eneregy on worry and fret...leave it for the future!

My best

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I never thought of crunching ice as a symptom---but looking back I did have a few. I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in March, after a colonscopy, and had surgery a week later( like yours) and I am currently in my second week of oral pill form chemo. The tumor was "big" and "deep", but no evidence of it anywhere else. So, in October I too had been crunching ice(and I never had before)--and eating LOTS of cucumbers and green pappers! In December, I had a routine check up( yes, I have one yearly) that showed I was severly anemic--only a "6"---so the doc put me on 400 mg of iron daily with little improvement. I had skin and nail changes and a color change----very pale. I now feel/look better then I have in 3 years! But now the Chemo.... Thank you for your messages---it does help! Best wishes to you that you may continue to better than you expected thru your second helf----which should be over by now. Let me know how you are!!!

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Welcome to this site. I'm glad you are not ignoring all of the symptoms you described.
I had no symptoms except in retrospect (loss of weight), but a routine colonoscopy revealed cancer. I was shocked! Things like cancer always happen to someone else. Hope your fears are unfounded.
Jo Ann

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I had the same symptoms you described as well as feeling like I always had to go to the bathroom. I also had severe leg cramping due to being anemic. I passed the mucous and blood for a couple of years. I first had a Dr tell me it was just hemmorhoids (28 at the time), but it continued and got worse. I was also in serious denial, also due to medical training. It was still a shock when I was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer at 32, but I am glad I found out and received treatment. Don't panic until you get your results it still could be several other things.


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Thank you so much for those who responded. I know I should not be bothering all of you, and I feel silly for doing so; you all have much more serious things to worry about. I will heed your advice and not fret about the unknown, I will have my answer soon. I wish you all well. Reading your stories makes me stop and appreciate my life. prayers of health coming your way.

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Hi. I just noticed (what I thought was) blood on toilet paper after bowel movements. I went to Dr. and then had colonoscopy. Had a polyp removed. Supposedly, I am OK, but I'm very nervous. I am 43 and have twin babies, 9 mos. old.

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I had NO symptoms..other than occasional bleeding but it was bright red and I thought due to hemorrhoids, but was stage I cancer...

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