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Stage IV - Anterior Resection of Colon - Spread to Liver and Omentum

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New to this board as my Dad was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer (June 1-07) which has spread to his liver as well as his omentum. He had resection surgery on June 20th to remove the large tumour in his colon. The surgery was successful at removing the cancer from the colon but he still is facing the cancer in his liver and lobes as well as the cancer in his omentum. His post surgery recovery has been extremely difficult and 6 weeks later his is still in the hospital and having a hard time being able to eat anything. He has some type of blockage or something preventing him from passing gas and having regular bowl movements. The doctors have sent him for multiple CT scans and explain that the colon surgery went well and describe his colon as immaculate. They are unsure were the blockage exists but are guessing the the tumours in his omentum and parapaneium are causing pressure on his colon and not allowing any passage. We need to get dad to eat and get him opened up and able to pass gas and bowl so that he can get strong enough for chemo. Has anyone gone through this type of recovery and can you offer and suggestions. At this point the oncologist is giving him a very bleak prognosis which is hurting his spirits and putting him in a depressed state. We are trying all types of alternative treatments (Mangosteen, heat bed, etc) anyone have any advice how to get dads system going again or know of any doctors who are doing any new surgeries in the omentum??


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I have no idea if this could help your Dad but they say it cannot hurt. It is an herbal supplement called probiotics which put good bacteria back in the colon so that digestion will be better. I take it and my digestion has gotton better. I am stage 3 rectal so I also had a resection on my rectum. Be sure and talk to your doctor first. God Bless All, Robin

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When I had my surgery for colon, they did the lymph nodes (36) and liver (50%) at the same time. One surgery. I'm sorry your dad is having to suffer with so much and then another surgery. Could be he needs another opinion. Let us know what his condition is as he progresses.
Jo Ann

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I want to say that I'm sorry your dad is going through this. I would agree about trying the probotics. Is he keeping anything down? Acidofolus (sp?) is one that you can get in the supplement isle. This type of bacteria is the one that is advertised in Activa yogurt. That is why I asked if anything is staying down. Not sure how yogurt will do. If he is still in the hospital is he still on an IV? Is he seeing a Gastro doc? What do they say? I think I would be screaming for a second opinion even with your dad in the hospital. I will keep him in my thoughts.

Lisa F.

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Hello. I'm so sorry it isn't going better for your Dad. I'd definately be asking for another opinion, even if he's in the hospital. If they are guessing that the tumors are causing pressure on his colon, then it's time they stop guessing. I'd be demanding answers. Six weeks is a long time. My husband has liver mets. It's been 6 mos since his colon resection. Tell your dad that there are newer chemo treatments available that we don't even have all the stats on yet. My husband (Thank you GOD) is doing well . His mets have shrunk considerably and we will not give up pursuing options. He is maintaining a good quality of life and working full time, etc. Tell your Dad this because you can never lose hope. Be sure to tell your Dad about the many stage IV survivors here and that many have defied the odds and continue to defy the odds every day! Please keep us posted. God Bless

P.S. My husband also had anterior resection.
He chewed gum in the hospital as we were told that it aided in getting the digestion process going again. He was fortunate and out in 5 days . Ask his doctors . It sounds simple, but sometimes the simple things are what is overlooked.

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Hi -

I am so sorry about your Dad. I am not sure what type of hospital he is in, but it really sounds like it might be second opinion time. Six weeks is a very long time to be hospitalized following colon resection.

Like someone said, it is time to stop guessing. Are you near any major cancer center? If not, are you near any major hospital (it doesn't necessarily take a Comprehensive Cancer Center to treat the disease - but an experienced oncologist with access to specialists can really help.) I know having your Dad transferred to another locations would be "a hassle", but it may well be warranted in this case. I am wishing you both the best and am hoping you can persuade him to get another opinion - it might just save his life.

Take care,

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I would like to thank everyone for all there advice and attempt to answer a few questions;

1. We are Canadian and Live in Winnipeg Manitoba. Dad flew to Calgary Alberta and had his resection surgery at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary.

2. Transfered back to Winnipeg about 2 weeks ago is currently in the Care of Cancer Care Manitoba, Oncologist is Dr.Wong.

3. After Surgey was able to eat for a few days without bringing anything up. Problem was he was not passing anything through his bowls and his stomach became distended (Hard and blowted)

4. After 4 1/2 weeks a pallative care specialist in Calgary change his MEDS and put him on a steriod and Maxeran (excuss spelling) to help his system to get going and open up. It work in about 12 hours and he was having bowl movements and passing gas. 1 Week later he was completley unhooked from all IV, TPN drip, and pain and was eating on his own, everyhting appeared to finally be working.

5. Flew home on July 27th, was at home for a week eating on his own when his system started to back up and something was causing a blockage. Pain came and we had him back in the hospital. Been in the hostipal for about 2 1./2 weeks now.

6. Doctors believe there is a blockage but not sure where or what is causing it. sent him for multiple CT's and Xrays.

7. Dad met with oncologist Dr. Wong who has not prescribed the CHEMO treatment FOL-FIRI to help him shrink tumors and open his bowls.

8. Dad has an apitetie and would love to eat. He is drinking about 500 ml of fluid a day and is currently hooked up to a sayleen drip to keep him hydrated (no TPN feed). He take things in without immediatley throwing up, but his stomach becomes hard and blowted and pain occurs.

9. The oncologist believes the CHEMO (starts on Wednesday) will help shrink the tumors which will in turn relieve the pressure on the colon and help dad get his normal functions back, which in turn will enable him to be able to eat and pass the food normally.

Any thoughts or ideas if we are headed in the right direction. The problem is in Canada we dont get any real speacialty care when the circumstances are not normal.

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